World Vision.. There is a need.

I was in college when I was referred to an organization called World Vision. Little did I know that sponsoring a child would change my daily life. I sponsored one girl named Amelia from Brazil from her age of 12-18. She is now studying at a university in Brazil to be an educator. I am very proud of her and she has given me great joy and love from someone I have yet to meet face to face. See, I have never met Amelia, but I sponsored her. For $35.00 a month I gave her a warm place to sleep, food to eat and a chance at a life she would have never had the opportunity for without my help. For me, kicking out the daily $4.00 Starbucks and trading that money in for this young woman's future was a better deal. I am still in touch with her and she is doing so well. Through letters, a call here and there and exchange of Christmas gifts, I feel that she is apart of my family and vice versa.

I think that God blessed me with a heart that I usually wear on my sleeve. It's pretty big and I am always wanting to help people in any way that I can. I believe in giving more than receiving- cliché I know, but once you experience it. It becomes infectious, I promise! :)

So, I wanted to share my personal experience with you and hopefully encourage you to volunteer, help others in need or go to world and sponsor a child. There are so many children in the world that are in need of our help. So, put down that Starbucks, re think that lunch purchase and sponsor a child. I promise you, You will not regret it! If you plan on doing so, let me know and I will post your story on my blog.

I am currently sponsoring two 4 year old children ( one boy and another girl), one lives in Armenia the other in Albania. I love having them in my life. They are pure joy! Once I receive a current letter or drawing from them I will post it for you all to see.

So, I challenge you to make a difference in this world. Go and help others that are in need ! :)

The Vintage Pearl

Note: I was not paid or sponsored by World Vision. org to speak of them etc.. This is merely my own personal thoughts and experiences with this great organization.

Happy Birthday to Me :)

I'm officially 29 today and I am fine with it :) Shocklingly enough! I think turning 30 will be very hard for me. I am the type of person that always thinks about the could have's and should have's of life. Yes, I know.. lame and all. But in all honesty, I do. ha-ha.
There is a lot going on and I want to fill you all in. I will tomorow, promise!

So, here's to me at 29... May I have a year filled with love, peace and good health for me and my close ones! :)

Much Love,
The Vintage Pearl!

Still on the wagon...

Yep, I am still on the wagon with my 2010 NY's resolutions.
To complete all my work certifications this year. ( I only have 1 to do, but its a hard one)
Travel more
Appreciate my family and friends more
Read 30 books this year
Compliment people and strangers more
Volunteer and help others in need as much as I can
Become enlightened with the world rather than cynical, no matter what the news or critics tell you.
Take more of a stand for what I believe in, rather than moving on & saying screw you ha ha( all of this under my breathe of course).
Blog & write more... its a form of therapy for me
and sadly, drink more water ha ha. I don't drink enough water and I am now up to 3 water bottles a day :)
So, tell me what are your new Years resolutions? Are you still on the wagon or have you fallen off?