Still on the wagon...

Yep, I am still on the wagon with my 2010 NY's resolutions.
To complete all my work certifications this year. ( I only have 1 to do, but its a hard one)
Travel more
Appreciate my family and friends more
Read 30 books this year
Compliment people and strangers more
Volunteer and help others in need as much as I can
Become enlightened with the world rather than cynical, no matter what the news or critics tell you.
Take more of a stand for what I believe in, rather than moving on & saying screw you ha ha( all of this under my breathe of course).
Blog & write more... its a form of therapy for me
and sadly, drink more water ha ha. I don't drink enough water and I am now up to 3 water bottles a day :)
So, tell me what are your new Years resolutions? Are you still on the wagon or have you fallen off?


Red and White Preppy said...

I am still on the wagon :) I need to pick up my complimenting though!

I'maNolaGirl said...

I started my sessions with a personal trainer tonight, so off to the right foot!!

PS - I love your resolution to compliment people more. What a lovely thought!

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