SATC 2 Review

Hi Lovies & Fellow STC Lovers!!

So, who went and saw STC 2 last night? What did you all think? I actually went and I have to say that I was a little disappointed. I wasn't wow'ed like the first one. I know, sad uh?. But I must say that it was always a tad too long. 2 and 1/2 hours?! Way too long and I felt that it just kept on dragging on and on. All that said, I did enjoy the fahsion and gorgeous locales! They are just breathtaking. I mean, how many of us girls dream of going with some friends, live in NYC and travel around the world, all while wearing great clothes?! Can you say Me! :)

It is Memorial Day weekend and that means, American Flags flying outside our doors, grilling, kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood and great weather. It is also a great reminder that we have troops day and night serving our country as well as the world. Keeping us safe, free and happy. So, take a moment and give thanks to those who serve and their families who make an amazing sacrifice all for us.

I have nothing planned this weekend, besides cleaning my car and packing. Where am I going? To DC with my parents. I am driving up the 8 hours Thursday and driving back Sunday. To visit a friend and do the DC tour as well as, visit Baltimore. I am super exccited and I am thinking that this trip will just fly by. It's a short trip, but it will be fun. I promise, I will come back with pictures and tons of stories for you all

What are your plans this weekend? Visiting family & friends? Staying in and catching up on some gardening or your overdo To Do List?

Either way, I want to wish you my blog friends a great long weekend and be safe ! :)



DWTS & Wishful Wednesday

Hi Lovies!

Did anyone see Kate Gosselin do her dance on DWTS last night?! What in the world is she doing? I mean, a Hat stand could move better. Ugh.. and to think she earned $500,000 this season! Makes me sick to my stomach.

It is Wishful Wednesday... what have you been wishing for lately?
Me... a vacation in sunny Florida! :) I love the Keys and I always wanted to visit the Gulf coast of FL. Perhaps, in the fall. :)

Until next time.. Hugs and Love,

A Heartfelt...

Thank YOU!!! To all who commented on my post :) You all are the best. At least, I know that people actually read this blog.

I have loads going on at the moment and actually the blog is getting a makeover as we speak. Stay tuned for the following:

  1. Giveaway- Huge!!
  2. New blog layout
  3. Possible Book club on the blog? Who knows.
Stay tuned, read and comment. I love getting them from you all!:)

Is it me ? Yea, I guess it's me uh? :(

Okay, so my blog has been lagging ummm.. Readers or even commentors. I have no idea why? Am I that boring? Ha-ha.
What is it that I could do change it? I want your honest input and ideas. I will also be posting a big giveaway to the one that gets the most readers on my blog via Google follower, posting comments etc… More of that to come later.
So, be honest with me? I can take, well, at least I will try not to cry.

- S

Wishful Wednesday

I am starting a new Wednesday post regarding my and yours wishes.

So what do you wish for this week? Are you a firm believer in the Disneyworld saying " A wish is a dream your heart makes"?
I have never been to Disney, yea, I know.. I am way behind at 29 yrs of age. But I will be going this Thanksgiving with my parents. Just the 3 of us. I was hoping to bring my doggie, but apparently they are not allowed in the parks. I know-- it's just not right?! Anyhow, this is what I wish this Wednesday and I wish/pray for it each night before I go to sleep.

My parents healthy and safe from all harm. Even though, they are young & active, I adore my parents. I just always worry that if something happened, what in the world would I do? So, I pray for them.
My friends health and happiness.
World Peace.
For all that serve our country from President to the troops.
For more good in the world and less tragedy.
And t hat I may awake the next morning and enjoy my day & life!

That is pretty much my wish this week and well, every night. Sorry for mien being pretty deep, but that is what is on my mind as I write this post. So, what is your wish for this week?

I can't wait to read them!

Happy Wishing,

Hot Tea, Sudafed & Big News!

Hi All… as you can read above, hot tea, soup and Sudafed have been my life savers the past 3 days. I have some type of head cold/allergy thing. No clue, but I have been living in my pjs after work and crawling into my bed. I am not a fan of being sick, I mean who is? At work, I am misreable and getting by with my head aches & sneezing. I guess I am stubborn and somewhat of a work aholic.
I am getting better, and I am hoping to be good to go come Thursday.

Now onto the big news… I applied for a Reunion Director position for my International Sorority Alumna Org. and guess what?!
I got it and I am so excited. I am apart of a great sisterhood that has given me so much and how could I not give back?!
I am truly blessed! If you are a Delta Zeta Sister or a Greek sister let me know. I would love to hear about your experiences and if you are involved in any Greek organizations.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Oil Spill & TN River

Happy Monday everyone!

I have a lot to catch you all up on, but I will be posting it all tomorow.
However, I am posting to please go and visit my friend Jen's blog-
She has posted a very informative & inspirational post regarding the oil spill on the coast of her native state of LA. Go, read & help!

Also, please keep the people of coast & mammals of LA in your thoughts and prayers. As well as, the people who are suffering in Nashville, TN due to the river floods.

- Silvia