" You are a piece of garbage"

Oh joy, the Real Housewives of NJ reunion part 1 aired last night and can I just say this was AWESOME!!! It truly did not disappoint. It was filled with crazy, shoving, yelling, screaming, pointing and name calling. Super classy in Jersey! ;)
Below is a sneak peek pic of the moment ( which happened within the first 5 mins of the show) where Teresa goes off onm Danielle. Something about her nephew? I have no idea honestly. My twitter friends and I just did n't understand why she went off on her like that. But she did say " You don't break up my family" In screaming, schreiking voice. Can you say Crazy? One tweet friend made a really interesting statement last night, she said. We all know Danielle is crazy, but you must be crazier when you start making Danielle look less crazier than you. Isn't that the truth?! I mean, let’s face it here. They are all crazy to some level, but I must admit that the only one who has class and dignity is my favorite Mrs. Caroline Manzo. Like she said.. She has been even keel. She doesn't speak to them, she doesn't talk or associate herself with them. Which is true. She has her own family to run and handle. She doesn't need the crazies added to it. Lets get to talking about each one.. First up,

Well, can I just say that she has lost her classiness. Seriously, your husband is not hot, you spend money like water, you talk about how Jersey Shore is a bad representation of Italians in Jersey. Well, hello?!!! What in the world do you call yourself? Its all the same my dear. Also, you have had to have known that your husband was hinting at you about the financial trouble you all were in. In every episode this season he makes a comment. I even noticed that and I don't live with you all. Also, who in the world gets into a car wreck and then goes and takes some shots to "ease the stress" right after? Can we say Denial here?!


Okay, let me just say that she annoys me to no end. She's like the girl in the group of bullies that tries to fit in, be tough etc.. But really is a whimp. Her daughter should be charged etc.. I mean, in the real world if her daughter did that, guess what? Charges would have been brought up against her. Plus, let's face it, the girl needs a really good lesson. A bratty kid who doesn't get that your actions cause consequences. Oh and that red glitter dress had to go.. Not flattering at all.


So she is crazy, lives through her children, plays the victim card, and walks away. Seriously?!! With your supposed past criminal background, you should be maning up! But no she walks away and why does she do that? Well, simple, her tactic is to make them look crazier than her. And job well done! It works. I really do agree with Caroline. I have never seen her children be really happy. You look at them and they look down, eyes really blank. Its really sad. And her outfit.. A wife beater?! Come on, dress classy for once!

Best dressed: Hands down Caroline!! She looked fantastic!!

Did you all watch? If not, go and watch it, then comment on here! Thoughts?
Have a fantastic Tuesday!!
Credit: Picture from Cnn.com- Showbiz tonight

Emmy's Best and Worst Dressed Recap

The Emmy's this year was fantastic! Jimmy Fallon definitely knocked his hosting and opener out of the park.

The music, the twitter feed comments etc.. All just fantastic! Kuddos to you Mr. Fallon!

So let's get to it-- my picks for best dressed are the following:

Worst Dressed---

I just think the above are just not that great. I mean, feathers, old grandma lace and a mini? Come on... dress with class and style.

Hint- New Water Obession:

Yes, I have found mecca people and it is fantastic! Hint: Blackberry water. It is pure water and natural fruit flavors. No sugar, no sweeteners, zero calories and no preservatives. It is just water with fresh squeezed fruit jice in it. It is Fantastic! Go on and try it.. You will love it. For my fellow, Wwers= 0 points and counts as y our water intake :)

Things on my mind this morning:

Big Brother episode last night- I have got to say that Matt has got to go and sadly, I think Brittany will be next.

Pandora is the greatest thing on my BB since my Twitter app. Love it! If you don't have it check it out. Its music you will love it.

Twitter- I love my tweet friends. I must say that my tweet friends have been some of my close friends lately. Truly grateful for them. Thank you ladies :)

Jury Duty week-- Ugh.. Doing my part, conducting my civil duty. But I must say that I dread it. It's really heartbreaking and stressful at times.

Blessings- I am truly beyond blessed. I cannot be reminded enough about how lucky I am. Good health, family, friends, an amazing job so much more. God is good!

Crazy people and ignorance. It's on my mind daily. I guess, I relate to people from different cultures, religions, backgrounds etc… I am a person who is of a different culture, religion etc.. My ultimate wish is that people don't think of others as less than them, or bad/evil etc… We are all humans who want peace and respect. And FYI.. We all ultimately believe in the same thing. Just sayin'

Aziz Ansari and Vince Vaughn- If you know me for a long while, you may have noticed that I am a girl who loves a sense of humor. To me, it is the layout for everything else in a person. I crave lauighter. It makes things better in a person's life. I admire the two actors/comedians above. Not only for their charm and sauve looks. Okay, well Aziz you just want to put him in your pocket for safe keeping :) But both make me laugh and take life into a different outlook. To me, that’s a gift. I hope that people who know me think that about me. I may not be the smartest or prettiest, but heck, I know I am funny and faithful with everyone.

So, today, your duties are to be thankful for what you have, have a tweetfest, laugh, be open minded, create peace and above all, take it all day by day.

Well, that was a disappointment

Do you ever wonder about a friend who has a big event or planning a big event.They hype it all up, give sneak peaks, show colors, designs for said event and then you attend it. You walk out thinking, Man, that was a disappointment. Yea, come one, admit it. We all have and it's OK! ha ha. I mean, we all cannot be pleased. But all I can say is that .. It was a disappointment.

I may be too passionate.

Let me explain. I responded to a pretty heated topic regarding places of worship being built on private property etc.. Anyways, I have large stance on  many taboo topics that are in the media now a days. I stand and put myself in others shoes and think. Hey, ya know, if this happened to me, my religion, culture, people etc... what would I do or think? I was always an open minded person, loved all religions, races and learned about people's walks in life. I never shunned, nor said I am better than anyone else or my beliefs are great, while yours suck. No, I was never and will never be like that. If I turn into that, you all have the right to hit me on  the head with a frying pan. I am a believer in Coexisting. I believe in the world, all the people, races, cultures etc.. that make it up. I believe in all colors and in a colorful world.

I was told today I am too pasionate.And I stepped back and didn't know how to respond to that. How can one be too passionate? I mean, heck you have passion or not. I rather have too much of it or lack it.
So, I am passionate and I am proud of it ! :)

Savannah, GA- Land of Paula Deen:

Hey Ya'll!! Just had to say that. I must say that I really liked Savannah. It has amazing history, picturesque squares and so much more. But I will confess to you all, that I would not be sad if I never visited it again. I must say that I prefer Charleston, SC more than Savannah. It may be the humidity, or the people? I have no idea. But I liked Savannah, not at a love status as of yet. What I do is thie Greek Restaurant on River Street- Olympia's!! Fantastic! I think I am like their promoter. Love them, the staff, family who owns it, food and much more. I guess, why I love it that much is because its European and I feel right at home. Like "These are my people". If you did not already guess, I am 100 % Portuguese. So, a girl who grew up in a Portuguese family from a small town in northern Portugal feels at home in any European scene. I actually get really giddy and I am over the moon. You would have thought I was meeting Vince Vaughn or something?! It was crazy love for the Greeks! So, go and check this little spot out. I give it 5 stars in my book!
Okay, some southern blog and twitter friends may actually throw stones at me and well, blow me off from their list of friends. But I am a really honest person, and I have to be true to you all right?. Confession: I do not get the whole Paula Deen deal. I mean, I get the Southern Cuisine, comfort food, Sweet Tea, homemade butter biscuits. Believe me, I get it, so does my butt, hence why WW has been called into duty. My point being is that I walked by Lady and Sons restaurant and people standing around the corner, like you would think they were in line for the Soup Nazi in NYC or to get Today Show tickets. And I look inside the restaurant and I am like this looks like the Golden Corral?!! What in the heck?! Are you serious? Oh No, I am not waiting 2 hours or more in 118 degree humidity for some mac and cheese made with 4 sticks of butter. And Ms. Dean has her own store right next door?! What has this town come to?. I mean, listen, I love Paula Dean. I think her sweet and funny personality shines like the sunshine. But I think this town has gone way too crazy for PD. It may be just me and I know I will get sticks of butter thrown on me from the beloved PD fanatics. Oh well, I just do not get it.

Below are some pictures from my Savannah weekend. I hope you all enjoy them :) I had a great time at the reunion with sisters of all ages from all over the country. It was a great time, filled with lots of drinks, good food, karaoke and a haunted pub crawl ( which, was my personal favorite). Anytime you place Pub and crawl together. I am the first to sign up! :)