So, where have I been you ask?

Everywhere. Emotionally, mentally and physically. I am so sorry that I have not kept up with my blogging lately. So many things have come up in my life that were very much unexpected. One of them being.. heartache.

I celebrated my birthday in January with two of my close friends. One of those friends took me out on one of the best and most fun nights I have had in a long while. Birthday was filled with dinner, laughter, good company and much more. However, that weekend was honestly one of the most unforseen events. One of the other friends and I had a huge falling out that I ended up stepping back and taking a stand. I could not believe that actions that tookplace that weekend. That I actually had enough. That lead to the end of a 9 year friendship. It breaks my heart and I am dealing with it every day. But at the end of the day, I realized that this person was not the friend I remember anymore. She went to the worst and I know the issues she is dealing with have nothing to do with me. However, when its placed on me and pointed towards me being at fault. Thats where it changed. I am firm believer that everyone has issues, but its how we handle them is what matters. Taking responsibilty for your actions is a huge thing with me. I feel that its best that I stepback and prayed that my friend would find herself, resolve those issues and be happy. It was one of the hardest things, I have dealt with.But I know in my heart it was for the best. So,if you would I know some may not believe in prayer, who read this blog, but do me a favor and keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers.

If you made it to the end of this blog entry, bless you! ha-ha and Thanks :)

I just needed to vent and let you, my blog friends know where I have been.

Much Love,


A Definite Gem

Hi Lovelies,

I am so sorry that I have been MIA in blogging lately. So much has happened in my life that I will have to create a whole new other post about it this weekend. But I didn't want to miss out in telling you all about my friends spa. My friend, Jenny has opened up her own spa in the Raleigh, NC/Wake Forest, NC area. Grand opening is this monday Feb. 22. If you plan on passing through the area or know anyone who lives there. Please pass this new gem in the area around. I can personally attest that this is a top notch spa that will have you come back again and again.
So, do me a favor call The Falls Day Spa at 919-570-8889. I promise you will not be sorry. If you do happen to attend, let me know. I would love to hear about it :)

Until next time,


Defriending on FB.

Okay... don't worry I didn't defriend anyone on my FB list. But this topic came up on the radio this morning on my drive into work. The question asked, " Would you get offended and hurt if one of your FB friends removed you as a friend?" Many of the men on the radio show said they could care less, no feelings are hurt with them etc... The women said that they really would be hurt because they would like to know the reason as to why they were removed even if they didn't do anything to that FB friend. I thought to myself this morning and said that yea, my feelings would be hurt because people removing friends on FB there must be a reasoning. You just don't go and do a random draw and pick who to defriend that day. So, I just wanted to ask my blog friends, what are your thoughts on this? Would be be hurt or offended? Or could you care less?

The Vintage Pearl :)