Fashion Friday Post #3

Hi Lovies! Thank you to all your suggestions about the blog makeover. I took everyone's advice and picked out a blog background via Cutest Blog On the Block Site. What do you all think? Like? :)

Okay... Fashion Friday will feature my favorite store.. drumroll Please.. Anthropologie!!!
Can you say Love?!!!!

Okay, so these are a few of my favorite finds thus far. As always, let me know what you think and what you love!

Happy Friday!! :)

Dotted Greetings Dress
Polka Dot Peppered Dress
Cockadole Dress
New York New York Dress
Speckled Ink Dress

I tried to post pics, but the site won't allow it. I am sorry ladies forgive me :(

Blog Girl Looking for a Blog Makeover…

As I look at all my blog friends blogs, all decked out with these great designs, order etc… I am getting the blog design fever. Unfortunately, I can't even learn how to hyperlink a link.. I know, I am so sad. Ugh. So, the thought of me actually designing my own blog… is crazy and overwhelming to me all at the same time. So, this is where you all will hopefully be able to help me or send me to the right person. Did you design your own blogs? Did you h ire someone? What are the going rates? Ha-ha.
I am trying to make this blog design more me. Any ideas, advice or insight is always welcome :)
Now onto another blogger award..A Huge Thank You to my sweet blogger friend- Pink Lemonade! She gave me the coolest blog award.

Have a wonderful Thursday ladies! Stay tuned for Fashion Friday!

4.5 miles down more to go.

I have been doing 4.5 miles of walking a day. Yep, 4.5 miles of just walking. Why? Looking to get healthier, I mean granted I am a size 6, but I just want to feel better about myself and health. I am also, trying to encourage my dad to get back on track to losing weight. He usually does in the spring and summer time, but I guess I am jumpstarting this daily night walks sooner this year. I enjoy our father and daughter time, plus, we like to look at his neighbors lawns, see what they are all up to etc… Yep, that’s how we roll in the Paulo household. We love to learn about lawn care LOL.
So, my back, shoulders and calves have been killing me all weekend. Ugh.. But no pain no gain right? Oh and did not know this, but I haven't eaten any meat in 4 days and I have no idea why. Just not tempting to eat it anymore. I have been craving veggies and fruit. I guess, it is definitely summer time for me. And just wanted to share that 5 miles = 10,000 steps. Who knew? I was doing the recommend daily step amount for weight loss.
So, wish me good luck on getting my Daddy up and walking more this week. We are up for a walk today after work… let's hope it doesn’t rain here.
I also, wanted to take this opportunity to thank my fellow blogger friends for your sweet, supporting and caring comments about what I have been going through with the loss of a friendship. Your comments mean more to me than you all would ever know!
Thank you again and I am truly blessed to have you all not only as readers, but friends.
Happy Monday Loves!

Rough Day...

So, I am lying here in bed at 7:00pm on a Tuesday night with a glass of wine. Yep, it was that kind of day. It was rough, emotional and just not myself. More like out of sorts.

If you look back at my previous posts, I had a hard friendship end recently. And I know that what occured and what caused it has nothing to do with me, just taken out on me. But It doesn't mean I don't hurt? I guess I have been mourning in a sense. Which seems crazy to some, but I have been.

It is hard when you get messages from said person bashing you,your friends, family etc... And in your heart you take it personally. I am a person who stands up for her family and friends. Especially when they are being attacked like that. However, you start to think that maybe what is said by said person is right... I know Crazy. But it affects you. Seriously, its insane how much words can affect a person when they are down and out for a sec. I mean, ask anyone who knows me... even some blogger readers know me on a personal level. I am the kind of person who is full of confidence, never was in a clique persay, just always knew who I was, what I stood for etc... I was popular in school and everyone liked me. But lately my confidence and self-esteem has been tested by the words of said person. It's hard. I second guess my relationships, friendships. Heck today, I thought my best guy friend/mentor didn't like hanging out with me because of said person's arguement that he was being nice to me just to be nice. Can you say I have lost it?! ha -ha. I mean where in the heck am I? Twilight zone?!

I have to re group. This is so not me.. its not the Silvia that I know or anyone else knows. I am always in control and I am letting these faulse words affect me? Why?

Hoping to better days ...

Making a commitment...

to Weight Watchers. Yes, I am going to start weight watchers this Thursday and I am super excited. I am pretty strict about what I eat, don't eat etc.. But I want to lose these pesky 10lbs by the summer. So, any words of advice, encouragement or recipe ideas? Send them my way. Any blogger friends want to join me? Let me know! :) Happy Monday loves!

Fashion Friday Post #2

Hey All :) I hope you had a great week and a fabulous weekend :)

This installment of fashion friday is monogrammed jewelry. I actually am loving, well falling in love with this gold pendant. What do you think? Love or hate? Are you a monogram lover like me? Happy Friday!!!

(photo credit:

The OSCARS- Recap :)

I guess it's better to be late than never right? :)

So here goes… when I think of the Oscars, I don't think of who will win best movie, or supporting actress blah, blah ... And blah. I don't watch to see the awards, I watch because I care, and what do I care about? ….. Fashion!!! And who's dating who. Ha-ha. I admit it. I think all my blogger girls would agree :)

Let's get to it-- Best Dressed:

Jennifer Lopez & Demi Moore

Cameron Diaz

Sandra Bullock

Worst Dressed- okay, so hmmm… don’t shoot me and I think I know some of you may disagree… but for me, it was SJP.

Ugh… I know, and believe me, I know. She even worn a Coco Channel design, but it was just horrible and the huge hair bun took it over the top for me.

Okay, to the men: Love Colin Firth, Chris Pine ( Julie @ Browneyedbelle would agree- there are no words ;) ).

Worst: George Clooney ...

I cannot believe I just said/typed that, but it's true GC was just not top notch this year. I mean, please get a haircut and look more polished next year. I think the new girlfriend- Elisabetta may have disheveled him to this non polished look. This saddens me to no end.

And, just a little observation, but did you all notice that Miley Cyrus has the worst posture. I felt myself wanting to be a mom and say- “Please put your shoulders back and stand up straight. Thank you :) ”

Okay, so I want to know what my readers/friends think. Do you agree/disagree? Do you want to throw some stones at me or suggest I need to re evaluate my sense of style ? Ha-ha. I love hearing from You! So, come on, good or bad… lay it on me dolls ! :)

Side note: I just wanted to say Thank You! To all my blogger friends that I have made via my blog and through theirs (see right side for the great list). You girls comment on my posts and I am overwhelmed by your sweetness. It truly makes me smile and encourages me to blog more. So, thank you and sending you all a great Big Hug! Xoxo! :)

Photo Credits Below:

My first Blog Award!

What a day full of surprises!!! I checked out my blog tonight and my dear blog friend- Jenn at sent me the BFF Blog Award! I am so honored. I never thought I would get an award for my blog and me just being me! :) Thank you so much Jenn! You are such an inspiration and love getting to know you through this world we call blogging ;)

Here are the rules - see below:

1. Blog about your award and the person who sent it to you including their link.

2. Tell 7 things no one knows about yourself

3. Pass the award onto 6 new blogs that make you smile and give you inspiration.

Don't forget to let them know about their new award! Then sit back and know you just made someones day:)

1). I am 100 % Portuguese (parents and family are from Portugal).

2). First generation born in the US.

3) I speak 3 languages fluently- Portuguese, English and Spanish. Trying to learn Italian as my 4th.

4). I have a fear of drowning/water. Perhaps thats why I never learned how to swim? lol

5). I was a band geek and orchestra geek-- but in my school all the popular kids were in band and music. Go figuere

6). I can't stand the sound that nail clippers make, it is equivalent to nails on a chalk board. Ugh.

7). I want to retire in Europe :) Plain and simple.. Europe is where I belong for retirement ;)

The fabulous girls receiving the BFF Blog Award are none other than:

Thanks to these bloggers, I am always laughing, learning and creating new friendships :)

I am dreading ....

Spring! I know, you may want to throw stones at me, so go ahead throw.. :)
It's not what it seems.. I love the idea of spring, flowers blooming, longer days, the warm tempuratures, spring dresses the list goes on and on. So why do you ask I am dreading spring?
It's allergy season and this morning I got my first taste of it as I headed out to the grocery store. Ugh.. I get so ill during this season, that I can't even head out side sometimes. Its awful. I ge those allergy shots, which help somewhat, but I still get ill.

Any one of my blogger friends can relate?

News: Fashion Friday is definately here to stay!! Thank you ladies :)

Fashion Friday

Good Morning Fabulous Readers :)

I am starting a new theme each Friday and that is… "Fashion Friday". Every Friday, I will be sharing the fashion styles, trends, must haves and wishes for the week. I also, want you, my wonderful readers to let me know what your fashion finds, trends likes and dislikes are. You can let me know by leaving a comment on this post.

Here are my fashion finds- Cocktail Dresses-- They aren't just black anymore:


(top to bottom: Little Coral Dress, Come Hither & There's something about yellow)

It seems to be that color is the latest trend on cocktail dresses and I must say that a girl who was born and raised in Boston, who happens to love black.. That color isn't so bad. So I have embraced it :)

Why fight?... Just love it!

So, what do you think? Fashion Friday a go or a no? Thoughts on the dresses ? Favorite dresses or designers?

As always, I want to know your thoughts, because they are simply fabulous!

Have a great weekend… xoxo,
Silvia (The Vintage Pearl)

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Where are my bloggers at?

Just wanted to say Miss you guys! I miss your comments, posts etc… Let me know if you are an avid visitor to my blog. I know the avid ones are: Ms. Redandwhitepreppy & Mrs. Iamnolagirl and the new Ellen
So where are the rest of my fabulous ladies? The Vintage Pearl wants you back :)

Happy Thursday Loves!

Prizes & Potential Giveaway…

Happy Wednesday Blogettes!
I hope you all have had a wonderful Wednesday thus far. My day was extremely productive, which means now I am exhausted.
So, whats the deal with my blog title? Glad you asked. ;) I am helping in the planning of a baby shower at work in a couple of weeks and my duty is to create the prizes for the winners of the baby shower games. Catch is? Has to be under $5 each. The only thing I can think of is lotto tixs, note cards and $5 star bucks cards. So, I am asking for my wonderful blog friends help. What do you all think would be a good prize for the winners?
Next…. Drumrool Please…. Giveaway!!! Okay, here's the deal. I am planning on doing a giveaway of super cute items really soon. But I have set requirements for this giveaway. I want to have at least 10 followers and 10 commenter's on my blog. Once that is reached I will be putting up the awesome springy giveaway. So, spread the word, post my blog address on your blog or just mention my challenge. If you end up mentioning my blog giveaway challenge then your vote for the giveaway will count twice. Yes, twice. So, run don't walk and let the games begin!!! :)
Xoxo, Silvia

Is Kardsashian becoming the New " Dynasty"?

No lie girls, that is what I always think when I am watching my beloved Kardashian family. Dynatsy! Old school, 1980's drama filled with the family/town base just modern. I love the Kardashian family. Who doesn't? They are unique, blended family, who have become famous for … hmm… well, wait a minute, just thinking here… well, I guess nothing. But isn't that the "new" American trend in reality tv?! I believe so, but heck, who cares.. They are a trip and great fashion trends to boot!
I wished that I could just spend the day with the Kardashian Girls and raid their make up and closests! I mean, where and how do they have such great make up applications? Ahhh.. To live the life of a Karadashian seems pretty nice to me :)
Oh and big news.. Guess who has a perfume out now?? Kim! I saw her on QVC of all places selling it last week. I was flipping through the channels and there you see her selling it. And your truly secretly wants to buy it.
So, I ask you this.. What are your thoughts on the Kardash family? Love them, hate them or you just could care less?
Have a great Tuesday Loves! :)

Real Housewives OC,NYC & NJ... Oh My!

(photo credit:webtvwire)
Can I just say I have to admit something to my fellow blog friends.. My name is Silvia and Yes, I am a Real Housewive addict. ( Now, you girls say... Hi Silvia, it's okay) ha-ha.

I love them, addiction, obession or mere intrigue.. perhaps all of the above? But, I love and get excited over these crazy ladies. It's like watching Days of Our Lives, just in modern times. ha-ha.

My favorite house wife is Bethanny Frankel, Jill Zaaaarrriinnn ( cute uh?), Vicky Gulvanson, NJ all of them are crazy awesome and ATL all rock in the south. So, is anyone else a RHO addict? Or am I the only one? Who's watching the reunion show in March? Two part ladies :)

Wishing everyone a happy Monday and stay tuned.. Tomorow will be on The Kardashians ;)