Sincere apologies for my post today. Just have so many things going on in my head that I just need to get them out. What better way than to my blog friends :). So here are the various items going on in my head:

Sorority Reunion in Savannah:

I am the reunion director for my sororities alumna chapter and we are doing a Southern reunion this weekend in Savannah. I have had wonderful reunion leaders put it together. They have done a fantastic job.. From the itinerary, t-shirts, accomodations and so on. However, I and my committee are handling the gift bags and these are for 30 people. It is exhausting but so much fun putting projects and ideas together for these great girls. I just hope that they like it. I will post a pick of the final product next week for you all to see.

Let's hope that this reunion will be a great success and many good memories are created :)


Funny thing happened lately. I recently reconnected with a college guy friend via FB. He and I worked together in the student union, we have known eachother 10 years and we have both had a crush on eachother. However, neither would make a move or even for sure about the other one's feelings. Time, life passes.. And here we are we re connected by both commenting on a mutual friends status. Funny how life happens. I really think it is fate, luck and good reasons as to why we reconnected. I am enjoying him and getting to know eachother all over again. He lives on the otherside of the world, which is a challenge. But we are taking it day by day and seeing where it goes. It can only go up from here right?

Weight Watchers:

I'm back on the wagon of WW :) I am really excited about it and it seems to be going well. Lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks. Looking to lose 10 overall.

Great recipes and blog site I found via my blog/twitter friend Mojito Maven Gina's WW Recipes. Definitely, check her out even if you are not on WW, she's worth checking out.

David Yurman Bracelets:

Okay, so I am not into silver jewelry. I am fair already, adding silver is just not flattering for my skin and it's undertones. So, I am loving the combination of silver and gold. I really love the all gold ones, but at $2K a pop, may have to stick with the combo ones.

So, what do you all think? What are your ramblings for the day?

I've got the fever.. Justin Beiber Fever!

I swear, everytime I hear his song.." I just want somebody to loovvvee!! " On the radio… I find myself singing in the car and car dancing as I drive lol. I love his songs and he is adorable. So I admit it I am a 29 year old who loves JB!

The kid can create a great beat and lyric.

Anyone else got the fever?

Farmer's Market in Charlotte, NC.

As many of you know, I currently live in the Carolinas. South Carolina to be exact and I am only 45 mins drive away from one of my favorite cities Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is a great, growing city and I went to college there as well as, lived there after college for a while. I simplylove it there. Many people don't truly take the time to get to know this great city. They usually fly into the city and fly back out, or drive right through to get to Raleigh, Atlanta or Richmond. Every Saturday my mom and I have a summer tradition, we take a drive up to the farmer's market for our weekly shopping. It's such a great treat for she and I. Living in a town where our farmer's market is should I say? Lacking produce and I mean, lacking. So, we get our grocery totes and head on up and spend a whole afternoon tasting fruits, veggies, talking with the elderly gentleman who sells the best watermelon I have tried in a very long time. Simply enjoying the flowers, crafts and food that is sold there. It is a mecca of different cultures, races, ages and so on. I always felt more comfortable surrounded by people of all shapes, sizes, and races. I believe that is because I am slightly different. I am a Portuguese girl, born and raised in the city of Boston who happens to live in the South. I feel like a fish out of water many days. But it's me and I'm proud of who I am, where I have been and where I come from.

The farmer's market to me is more than just people selling fresh fruits and a bouquet of flowers. It's an experience of what life has to offer us. It is an overflowing pot of culture and simplicity.

So, where have I been?

Yes, I know, I have been MIA lately. But I do have a good excuse. I ended up taking time off to give my blog a much needed as well as, well deserved make over. So, what do you all think? Love, Dislike or Egh ?

There are a couple of finishing touches that the fabulous Marina at Penny Lane Designs needs to install. I want to thank her for the fantastic blog design and her patience with me. Thank you Marina!!! Everyone go to her site and place your order for a blog design. She is a dream to work with and The Vintage Pearl just loves her!
Also, a warm thank you to my new friend and designer Ashley Brooke at Ashley Brooke Designs. She hand sketched the blog header you see above. It is absolutely beautiful! That is me and my dog Sophie. The blog header is all about me, what I love, my culture per the flags on the desk etc… She did a fantastic job. If you need a stationary design or any type of design, please check out her site here and she is amazing and talented artist as well as, a sweetheart!
Here's an update on me and what I have been doing this summer:
I have been simply working, and I work a lot. 12 hour days sometimes 6 days a week. My mom was in Boston for 6 weeks visiting my Grandmother and spending time with her siblings etc.. Therefore, it has just been me and my Dad. We have been both working, holding down the house etc… I know, fun times uh?

Other than that, I have been just having my blog made over and working on it for you all! I hope you really like it and I am looking forward to having you get to know me and vice versa.

So, stay tuned and hold on tight.. This will be quiet the great adventure :)