The Beginning …

I've been at a crossroads recently in life at age 29 and with 30 creeping up I feel that my life is the same cycle every day. I get up, head to work, leave the office head home and then sleep. All of this is on repeat. On Saturday, I was at lunch with my mom and I was telling her how I want to do so much with my life. To help people, put some of my talents to use and make this world a better place. I at least want to try and make some type of difference. My mom made a very valid point to me that day, she said that she knows I am that person who always does something, I was born with that passion to help in any way I can. I am the person that puts it all back together. She reminded me of when I was in college I would put on a yearly charity concert event with musicians, comedians, artisits,storytellers and so much more. So what happened to that girl who would plan a yearly event at a university for 7,000 students? What happened to me? Simply put, life took over. The real world they call it. It totally engulfs you into "its" world of making a career and living. Sadly, I don't like that too much. I mean, let's face it yes we all have to have a career, make a living and we are so blessed with it. However, do I really want to have my life be on repeat? No. I don't. I want to do something to make it a better one. I get up like always, work at a place that I adore but also do something to help others. All weekend I was realying with what can I do ? How can I go about this? Who would be in this with me?

I thought a charity some type of non profit org. would be perfect. Now who would be in this with me?

I thought of only one person- Sara. A 21 year old, college student who wants to save the world one step at a time. She's as passionate as an enrique ingleases music video and would be a perfect partner.

Last night, I BBM'd her and tossed out the idea to her and she accepted with such thrill and excitement than a 5 year old who saw Yo Gaba Gaba. There you have it guys, I am co creating a charity for women and children who are in need of getting back on their feet. Women who need empowerment and their children who need guidance. Above all they need someone who stands by them, beleieves in them and send lots of love to them. We have come up with the idea for a logo design being 2 hearts linked together. And something to the effect of Linked Hearts Project. By the way, if you have a better idea for a name in regards to hearts let me know! Ha ha. This is just in its infant stages and I mean infant. If anyone has any advice or input please let me know. This is all new to me and Sara.

Much love to you all!

My Bucket List

I've been thinking a lot lately, especially since I am approaching the age of 30 in January. Thinking about life, what I want to accomplish before time passes you by and you are 80 living in a retirement community and knitting for the grandkids. Or hopefully, 80 hanging out at the local Catholic Church playing it up in Bingo with Father Callahan. Aw, a girl can dream can't she. ;)
My bucket list is at 49 items and I created this list when I was 15. Either I was really bored or I must have thought this was a really cool idea. I'm going with the really cool idea. So, Im turning 30 and I thought I've gotta put this list into action. Here I am on my blog putting it into action. Some of these items I may need my blogger friends help with and I will let you guys know which ones.

Whats on my list you may ask? Well, here are some:

Go to Italy with a bunch of fun friends- not lame ones.

Do ballroom dancing

MC a Charity Event

Go to the Today Show and get on tv

Try every hidden restaurant in each city in America - best places to eat :)

Travel to India,Asia, all of Europe and Canada

Have a dinner party of people I like from different backgrounds.

Buy my parents a house in Europe

Tour the White House when a president I like is in office

Watch a concert from backstage

Tour with someone who I really admire for 1 week only

Go to Disneyworld

Own a second home that I love

Visit St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital and make kids laugh.

Start a children's fairytale time program at childrens hospitals in my area.

There's just a sneak peak into my list. Some items have been revamped as I grew up. So, here's my invite to you all will you join me on my journey?

Olivia Palmero

I love her style and taste in fashion. From her make up to her handbags. I just love and love even more each day!

Here are some examples of her fabulous style:

Do you have a celebrity that you admire their fashion and style?


Where's Fall?

I think the Fall season took a wrong turn after Labor Day here in the Carolinas. It is curretnly 89 degrees outside and feels like a summer day. Full of sunshine and flowers. However, it is October and Fall is yet to appear around here. I really want to wake up one morning and see these fabulous Fall decor:

Oh where oh where are you Fall? Miss you!

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MIA- Missing In Action:

Hey Ya'll! I am so sorry that I haven't been blogging. Life has taken me by the feet lately. With it being the end of the year in most of my life areas, I have been sad to say it MIA. However, I am back and better than ever :)

Update on Me:
Professional life I have been beyond blessed. I am a huge believer in working hard and when it fails, work even harder! The pay off is beyond your wildest dreams! I have a great family, some members I don't care for. I guess I am like Jeff Lewis on Bravo's Show Flipping Out. Even though some family members are can we say pretty cold hearted and uncompassionate people. Doesn't obligate me to value and have a relationship with them. I value a few and that is plenty for me :)

I have lost weight. With getting back into dance class. I used to dance so much when I was younger that being an adult took it over. Sad, I know. But I have taken it back up and I could not be happier. Plus my figuere looks fab!

So, tell me what have I missed? I want to hear from you.

I will be blogging daily from now on and I cannot wait to read your comments! Have a wonderful and sunshinny Wednesday!