Tuesday Ramblings and Thanksgiving

Here are a few things on my mind this morning:

1. Kim Zolziack is pregnant?!!! What?!! How in the world? And really is she 30? No way. Okay, yes, she is with child and if you watch RHOATL you will know that the father is Mr. Nice bottom.

2. Camille on RHOBH is a nutjob. There, I said it. And you all were thinking it. Yes, a huge nut job. Now, I understand why Kelsey had gotten a girlfriend. I don't blame him. Seriously.

3. Thanksgiving- This year will be a special one. One of my dear friends will be flying in and spending time with my parents and I this holiday week. I am so excited! I love having visitors during the holiday season. Even though, this holiday will be super small. Just my parents and I. I really wanted to make it special. If you are an avid reader of my blog you know why in my past posts. Therefore, this thanksgiving will be filled with many memories of a small event. A day of blessings and reflecting on the past years experiences.

4. This Thanksgiving videa made my day. It is so silly, but it sure did make me laugh.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone and remember, it is not about who comes to dinner, who has the best food or whats on tv… it is about how blessed we truly are this holiday season. Count your blessings every day.

Starbucks has BOGO!

Courtesy of my blog friend at Belle in Bows---

"Starting today Starbucks has BOGO!

I am serious.

November 18-21 from 2-5pm BOGO on all holiday drinks.

Caramel Brulee comes out today, i'll take 2! :)

I am thinking pretty selfishly but how am I going to drink two at once?

Bring my biggest travel mug and pour both into it?

They say to bring a friend, hmph.
I have an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks, I try to limit myself to 3x a week, but with this deal going on I will be going every single day. I will just look at the money I am saving, isn't that what it is all about?


Starbucks has the 12 days of Christmas coming up.

It starts December 1st.

All you have to do is text 12DAYS to 29943

I am not sure what the deals are going to be, but I think it will be worth it to find out. If it includes a free drink, I will take it!

Go get you a Caramel Brulee, Eggnog Latte, or Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha."

So go now and get your Starbucks BOGO and Enjoy!

Am I A Scrooge?

I'm just not feeling the whole holiday season this year. Anyone else not feeling it?

It may the turn on our economy, world suffering no clue. I just don't feel that spirit in the air at all.

I know many of my friends are not celebrating Christmas as much as they would this year. I know many will be having a small dinner and a present or so. It's kind of sad. I mean, its just not in the air. The sales on shopping have gone down. Many are focusing on buying for the children only this year etc…

My Mom is even contemplating not even decoratingthis year. I mean what in the world?

For Christmas, I think I will take my parents to Savannah, GA for Christmas Day afternoon until that Monday. Just to get away, enjoy a small vacation etc… Last year, we went to Asheville on Christmas day and spent the weekend there at Biltmore they loved it.

I kind of feel bad that I am not feeling this year's holiday spirit at all. I mean, Thanksgiving is 8 days away and it just feels like a normal day to day. Any one else or am I being a Scrooge this year?

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A Royal Wedding

It's Official... Prince William and Kate Middleton will finally say "I Do".

I was thrilled to read the news this morning that they are finally engaged. Yay! I love Royal Weddings! This one is extra special with The Late Princess Diana is definately looking down on them and beaming.  I could not be happier about this couple and I wish them a lifetime of blessings :)

Vote For a Sorority Sister!

One of my sorority sisters chapter sister, Mallory Schwartz, is in the running for Paradise Hunter's new host search! I can't begin to tell y'all how much of a motivated girl she is and I know she'd love your vote. 40 people will be narrowed down to move onto Round II so vote each day!


Thank you! :)

Delta Zeta Travel Mug!

For a limited time, Surfing Sisters of Delta Zeta is offering fun and bright travel mugs for all of our DZ sisters! What a great gift for that special sister. Don’t forget one for yourself too! These mugs will keep your beverages nice and hot for your drive to work, chilly afternoons on the bleachers or studying long into the night. All while promoting that you are a member of Delta Zeta Sorority!

Pre-orders will be taken through November 20th which will allow plenty of time for Christmas delivery. We won’t receive extras, so act now!

Each mug is $15.00, including shipping. What a bargain!
You may contact me by leaving a comment on my blog if you would like to order one. Orders are due by November 20th- Next Satruday!


LC Best Selling Author

I have a confession to make, I have begun reading Lauren Conrad's books- LA Candy at the moment. I must say.. It rocks! ha-ha. I mean, it is a really teenage targeted books but I really enjoy them. They are a great break from the adult novels I read most of the time.

Plus, I cannot wait for her new reality show on MTV. Anyone else looking forward to this or enjoy LC as much as I do?

The Holidays

I guess I will get a tad emotional in writiung this post but I must do it. The holidays have become more sad for me as I get older. It is just my parents and i this year. I have a younger brother, however, we do not have a relationship at all. That is something that is in the past and I care not to bring it up. I guess you may say, I have always felt like an only child. All my cousins are younger about the age of 13 and below. They live 1,000 miles away and with the Christmas being a 3 day weekend this year. Time to fly to see them would not be worth it.

I'm just sad over this holiday. Just mom, dad and I, sitting at home opening presents but ourselves. It's pretty depressing and I wish I had a huge family of my own to enjoy this time with. One day, I hope and pray that happens for me. There you have it. Me dreading Christmas all because it will be pretty lonely.

I am reminded of the scene from Bridget Jones Diary- where its's her and her father at home alone on Christmas eve in their pajamas watching the tele in the dark or this scene will be me:

I know, I sound selfish and ungrateful but I am believe me I am. My parents and I are happy, healthy, safe and we have good jobs thank goodness. I guess its the feeling that we won't be surrounded by family etc.. I am having one of my dear friends from work who will be alone on Christmas over on Christmas Day for lunch etc..

Anyways, enough sappy emotional posts for today. I hope that everyone is havinga fabulous friday and the weekend is here! :)

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Happy Birthday MOM!

My Mom's Birthday! Happy Birthday Mrs. P :)

Wishing my mom the best day ever! Xo- Love you!