Things I am loving right now…

Mary Kay Foundation Primer--

OMG! Best primer I have ever used! I sell MK on the side to my friends and family. And I'll be honest, I have used so many foundation primers from MAC to Laura Mercier, Clinique etc.. You name it, I have tried it. When I got the sample the other week in the mail, I wasn't expecting it to be great.. Just thought- this will be like the others. But Boy, was I wrong! It is fantastic!!! And very well priced. It goes on smooth, melts into your skin. I am telling you, best stuff I have ever used! Highly recommend it! :)

Note-- It will be coming out to everyone next month. :)

Lily Pulitizer Planner-

This planner is amazing! I tried to get into the Mom agenda ones, but I I like sprial books. Easier to write in, fold pages over etc.. I guess they remind me of when I was in grade school. Who knows? They are adorable! I have navy fish one (see below). It has everything, stickers, notes, address book, folders, months and individual days etc… The planner runs from August 2010 thru December of 2011. For $25 you cannot beat that :)


As you all know I am a huge lover of Spin class and Yoga. BUT, I love to dance. So, when I heard of this intense work out that was based on dance moves. I had to check it out for myself. So, I found a local rec. center and contacted the Zumba Instructor. Dropped in on her class this week and I burned 600 calories in a 45 min class. The best part, it was like being at a Flashmob dance scene. It was over top, let lose fun! OMG! Best thing ever! If you hate going to the gym, working with weights or the dreaded treadmill. I highly recommend finding a Zumba class near you or buyingthe DVD's or its on Xbox Kinnect now :)

They say it's your Birthday…

It's official.. I turned the big 30 on Wednesday and I'm okay with it.

I know this is huge to say, but egh.. I am okay. There was a little cryfest that morning, but its natural. Some people I know that turned 30 were shut in's for the day. Which I can now understand why. It is very difficult to let go of your 20's. if you really think about it, you do so much in your 20's that are filled with all these milestones. College, first job, relationships, lost and gained, fist new car etc… So many, that it's like letting go of a security blanket. Sadly, I will be telling people I am 29 plus 1. haha. Until, I am ready to say I am .. Uhh.. Ya know 30. I'll ease into it.

So, here's to easing into being 30. officially an adult who focuses on retirement funds, insurance, and sadly the weather. Ya know, all those important adults topics people speak of. :)

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This is Me right now...

Girls, I have been working so much the past few months. I'm talking 70 hours a week.  I basically look lik a Zombie wearing my JCrew and Birkin bag. hey, at least I am a fashionable zombie :)

I will try and update the blog as much as i can. Right now, just focused on work and getting sleep.

Miss you all!