Where have I been?

Everywhere and anywhere honestly. Things is are wonderful, I’m truly on cloud 9 and blessed beyond belief.

I have a healthy and wonderful family, friends are great, the Pup is doing well and I have an amazing man who loves me.

Life has gotten in the way and my TVP blog has been neglected.. ( don’t mind me as I wipe off the cobwebs on my blog)

But I am back and happy to share with you fellow TVP’ers my life well as much as I want to share.

Hmm.. so where to start? Well, lately I have set a goal – a weight loss goal for myself. I have many events coming up, pool parties with friends and family, birthday celebrations and weddings. I for one, want to be in the best shape that I can be. So I decided to join WW (weight watchers). I know so many people who have had great success with it and I want to join in.

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So here I will be not only talking about my love of fashion, make up and all things pretty but once in a while I will post about my journey to a healthier me on WW.
If you are looking to join me on this quest, I welcome you to do so!  I would love to have my fellow TVP’ers join me and why not take this journey together.

Today I have my WW IPhone app in hand and logging it all in. Going to Zumba today after work and burn these calories off!

Happy Monday everyone!

Beauty Report Monday

Good Morning Loves! :)

Each Monday we will be focusing on some beauty trends, tips and some of our favorites beauty items here at TVP.
Today's must have item is the all natural WEN Hair Care-- Cleanser Conditioning. OMG! This is amazing stuff and I swear by it.If you have thick and dry hair this is a must have. A little bit goes a long way.
I have naturally curly hair that is super thick. I began using the WEN hair care in Fig and I have noticed an amazing difference. My hair is shinner, weighs down less, not dry at all and super soft. It is a win win :)

Best thing about this hair care ine is that it is all natural. There are no harsh chemicals, lab testings etc..

Here are the choices:

Almond Mint, Pomogrante, Winter Vanilla Mint, Lavendar, Cucumber & Aloe, Tea Tree & Fig ( which is what I use for dry/frizzy hair).

I order mine via QVC.com and get a 6 month supply in this HUGE dispenser! I dime size goes a long way.

I give this product 5 stars, must have go and buy it today!

If you do try it, please let me know I would love to hear  from you :)

Hello My Friends

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So, you may wonder where in the world did I go? Well, I have been living under a huge stack upon stacks of papers from work, organizing the holidays and being in love with the most amazing man I know. 

You can say I have been held over heels in love and so happy.  I feel like I have finally found my “home” with him and I found my dream man.

One word.. happy :)
With that, things are beginning to unwind a bit and I will be back to blogging on a daily basis starting Monday. Get excited, pop open that bottle of champagne because TVP is back! 

Can’t wait to share my journey with you all. xo

Giveaway at "Its All About E"

Run don't walk to my dear friend's Its All About E

Giveaway :)

Here are the details--

"Since next month will be my 6 month anniversary of being a blogger, I decided to do a giveaway to all of my fabulous followers!!

I am so grateful for everyone who reads all of my rambling!

I have teamed up with Pixie Chicago, a fabulous custom paper design company that has the cutest stationary cards and invitations!

I have the cutest English Bulldog stationary cards from Pixie Chicago that everyone loves getting as thank you cards!

So here are the ways to enter the contest:

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Okay, tell your blogger friends, twitter friends and evryone you know to go to Its All About E site and sign up for the giveaway!!

Good Luck TVP'ers! :)

Wednesday Love

First off, THANK YOU to my TVP readers and sweet friends for the emails and comments that are so sweet and touching. Things are getting better and I am glad that you all are here to support my family and I.
It is greatly appreciated!  xo

Now, onto Wednesday Love... I am in love with the following falll outfits!

Along with these Tory Burch Fall Boots- :)

Followed by this --- :)

And as always my meetings :)

Happy Day Everyone!  xo

Just when you think...

things are getting better you learn that another hurdle gets in your way.

If you do not know the history of my sibling and I. It's simple we do not speak. We grew up exactly in the same way, raised the same way, given the same things and we turned out as one is good the other is selfish.

I have always refered to myself as an only child. I never had that sibling relationship and I longed for it for a long while. But in the past few years, I have let go of that dream and made peace with reality. Sadly, my parents are still realling from the disrespect, hurt and pain they caused them. But my mom cannot let go of that longing for her son to actually show that he cares. Its really heartbreaking and to see my parents deal with it in such a different way and know they are hurting is just agony for me.

With that, my mom wants to invite my sibling and his wife over for dinner. Sadly, my father has announced that with how much they hurt him he will not speak to them and will ignore them.Which will not mend anyting and only make matters worse for everyone. I told my mom that I have forgiven but I will never forget. I will be nice say Hi and How are you and Bye. But as far as a relationship, I dont care for one.

Pray for my family, maybe one day things will turn around for us all. Who knows?

Happy :)

Summing up how I have been the past couple of months, glad to say that I am over the moon blessed and truly Happy! :)

Happy Weekend TVPers! :)

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