The Hills, The City & Me...Oh My!

Okay, come on admit it… who can't wait to watch the Hills & The City tonight?

Personally, I cannot wait! I must admit, even though I cannot stand the Pratts and their media attention. They do make it interesting.
I love LO, she is adorable. Audrina & Kristin… whoa! Cat Fights all around my friends.
Unfortunately, I better enjoy this season, since it will be the last. *sigh*.

The City: I Love Whitney! She has been great since the Hills and now, she is doing so well. Proud of her ( hmm… yea, I sound like she & I are friends) ha-ha. But I do love her. Olivia is the drama of the show and nerves me to no end that she doesn't even want to work or put any effort into it. Ugh….
So, tonight's plan: Settle into bed, turn on MTV and enjoy! :)

Happy Tuesday and Have a great Wednesday Friends!

OTH aka. One Tree Hill

Hi All,
I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was busy, but I wanted to pose a question to my fabulous readers.. does anyone watch OTH or am I the only one on holding on? ha-ha.
I have to admit that I miss Luke & Peyton, but I like Brooke Davis and her crazy mom drama he best. So, does anyone watch? Thoughts?
Happy Monday! :)

It's a Birthday Celebration!

At my dear friend, Jen's blog-

Run don't walk and enter to win the fabulous giveaways this week!

So, go on, yes YOU GO & enjoy her fabulous posts!


Size 6

That's right, I am a size 6 now! Thanks to watching what I eat, WW & no soda. I drink only milk, organic juices & water.
Goal: Size 4, and I mean a size 4 where I can fit into a pair of banana republic dress pants and not feel snug. Just slip on and off! :)
So, it's working ladies. I work out, drink water, eat fruit & less meats etc… Oh and I also get my 8 hours of sleep a night.

My Monday went well. I was somewhat productive at work. Drank my Smart water. Hey, I love Jennifer Aniston, so I will drink what she drinks. Ha-ha. If it is good enough for JA I think it's good enough for Me :)

So, what did everyone do this weekend? I want to hear from you!

Wishing everyone a Happy Tuesday and Terrific Wednesda Ahead! :)

No thermoretor needed here

Yes, you read that right. ha-ha. Girls, that is what my parents have told me. Let me begin by describing my background. I am a product of all immigrant family direct from Portugal. I am first generation, first born in the US. I have a lot firsts in the family, first grandchild, child, girl etc... Anyways, I was born and raised in Boston. So, you have a European family from Boston and what does equal... sarcasm and honesty. Yep, that is my family. So, to get back to my title of this post the thermoretor. Ugh.. this is just a glimpse of my parents humor.

We were sitting down for dinner last night and I am grilling. I am a really good griller and I enjoy it. I haveyet to burn something and it comes out with no need of a meat thermoretor. So, I guess I am a pro at this. Anyways, my dad tells my mom that " Look, see your daughter, she doesnt even need a thermoretor yet." Then my mom just starts to laugh, then my dad. I am standing there like what in the world? Okay, must be an inside joke. My Dad made the thermoretor as a nasty thing. If you know what I mean. Since, I am still single at the moment. I do not have the use for a "thermoretor" from a man right now. And apparently, this turned into my dad's dirty mind.

I'm telling you girls. My parents have dirty minds and now its a running joke. lol Ugh... a typical day in my house.

Sorry if I offended anyone... I debated on touching this topic, but thought it was too funny not to share. Hope you all have a great Wednesday! :)

Real Housewives NYC Review

As Julie @ Brown Eyed Belle knows, I have been dying to talk with some ladies about last night's drama filled episode of RH of NYC.
Did anyone watch? If not, stop reading, go to or Bravo channell and see the episode. It is a must! Spoiler Alert--
Okay, for those who watched.. Can you say DRAMA!! Hello?! NYC is full of craziness this season. To begin, let's start with the Jill & Bethanney feud. Okay, so am I the only one who thinks that Jill is blowing this way out of proportion? I mean, Girl, you may need to get a hobby if you act like a child. Seriously, Poor B. My heart broke for her last night. I mean the situation with her father, Jill drama etc…She has made a lot of effort to mend or even sit down and talk about this with Jill. But Jill, sits there and says" I can't do this right now, I am not ready" Well, I would get ready .. You have had 3 months to apparently to deal with this. So, give the girl 5 mins. of your time and listen. Like B said “Can I just tell you a few things and you don’t have to be my friend or talk to me again, but just listen…”. I am happy that B said what she wanted to say, and Jill just sat there. I mean, Come on.. Are you 5 or 45? Seriously, if you have issues with B and you care at all about your friendship. Work at it. Apparently, from what was displayed last night on your end. You don't want to fight for something. And to me that is sad. Oh and yes, you were a cold B for not crying or being emotional when Bethanney was laying her heart out to you.
Side note: The Countess needs to back off. Did you all see her interrupt with tea and all? Whoa.. Who's fight are you in anyway? I don't remember you being in a fight with anyone. Worry about you finding your Condo in the city-- where, it can't be too high up because I don't want the sun to be in the condo all day or heaven forbid too low where I would have no sun. Oh and I want this kind of stone for my fireplace and not that, but this kind of kitchen, not too small and not grand blah, blah & blah. Uh…
Okay, I just hope that Jill realizes what she lost and how petty this is. Because I get that Bobby had cancer and all. However, you never informed her as to what the operation was about etc… Communication is key and not every one can be who you think they should be in your friendship. Bottom Line.. Jill Get Over It!
Ramona- Bless her. I know she can be, how can I say it? Hmm… coo coo at times. But I have to admit, she bringing them together like that yesterday was what was needed. I mean, Jill can not in any way get mad at her for doing that. Must we recall that Jill did the same thing last season to B & Kellie?. Yep, that's what I thought.
Alex- It is about time you stood up for yourself! Good for you! I know she is always neutral but sometimes, it will build up and you will burst out. I was proud of her.
Okay, so my fellow bloggettes, what did you all think? Thoughts, annoyances? If you have not watched it, go now.. Don't wait. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Summer Wants

So, spring is officially upon us and some of us here in the Carolina's are feeling the summer heat already. 90 degrees all week and pollen at an all time high. Wow! Is this a taste of what the summer will be like? Ugh.. I love the summer time but a girl who was raised in Boston under the Boston Moonlight and more winter seasons than summer. I must admit after 14 years here in the Carolina's I am still getting used to it.

Aside from the temperature of the weather.. When you think of Summer,what do you think of? The beach? Of course. The vacations? For sure! The summer fashions and accessories?!! Hmm.. Yes please!!

So these are my summer Wants, ( note: that these are all wants, I wish I had the money to buy all these items, but I am willing to dream about them for now :)

London Jewels Courtesy of Astley Clarke:

Bumble Bee Purse:

Don't get me wrong I could break the bank and buy all the things listed above, but then I would need a place to live and a place to eat. Yep,this would send me straight to the poor house. But One day, I willl purchase them and enjoy :)

So , what are your summer wants?

A whirlwind of a week

Where to begin? First, I am sorry for neglecting my blogger friends and blog for a whole week. I cannot believe I did that. But believe me girls, I was in bed by 8 and up at 5:30 each morning. Why you ask? You may even be thinking is Silvia that crazy? Lol. Well, may be I am. But I have been getting up at 5:30 to go for my 5 mile morning walk and then done at 6:30. Shower and out the door at 7:15 to head to the office. Work has been crazy busy even swamped at times. New things happening, but all are good :)

Them home, dinner and the another 1 hour long workout via 2 dvd's. One is the Marisa Tomei toning exercise. Girls, let me tell you that this 30 minuete toning with this small band you use looks easy and heck, 30 mins? Not bad at all. Oh no.. It's a trick. It about killed me! Lol I mean who knew that this green band you place around your ankles and legs would be so strong and resistant? I must admit that it works. Then onto my Valerie Burtunelli's work out dvd- level 1 20 minuetes of squats, lunges lifts etc… This is a hard one as well.

By the end of the whole dvd work out paloza it is about quarter until 8 and I am ready for bed. Hence where I have been the for past week. But I am working at it.. I think too hard because my bones ache and my muscles are killing me. I even took Motrin for my muscles not to inflame, but no go :( Ugh.. To be in shape and all this summer and forever, is taking more of my life than anything else.

So, I am on a routine now and its getting easier day by day.. So I am back :)

Besides my work, exercise and eating habits.. Everything else is wonderful. I am blessed beyond words. Family is healthy and all still here. Easter was great.. Just my parents and I. Went to 8:30 mass and then out to lunch. We did some errands at Wal - Mart and then headed home. I was so exhausted that I took a nap yesterday afternoon. And if you know me personally, I rarely take naps. I actually don't like to nap, it throws me off schedule.

Anyhow, things have been great and I want to know how you all have been. How was your Easter? Anything new and exciting going on?

Oh and I have been lurking on your blogs, Jen at Im Nola Girl has a great blog about the latest fashions for spring. Definitely check her out.

Julie a@ Brown Eyed Girl- I will definitely need your help on how to even hyperlink. :) Thank you all!!!

Many xoxox!

- Silvia