Well I am off..

To Wilinmington NC for the weekend! :) Taking the pup, Miss Lucy and my parents for a long overdue weekent getaway. Wishing you all have a joyous and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. :)

Fashion Friday-- Turquoise Love!

I have this love of turquoise with gold colors. I just think it is the must colors for spring and summer seasons.
Here are some of my favoite looks. Enjoy :)

What are your favorites? Is there a turquoise item you have in your closet?

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Mish and Mash Thursday

I have doing a lot of thinking lately about everything. Life, love, what makes my day, puts a smile on my face or even what truly makes me laugh. I am doing my best to simply enjoy the little things in life, step back and simply enjoy. It is harder than it seems, but isn't that what life is all about? To simply work hard and enjoy one's efforts. We only get one life as far as I know it.. why not make it the best one for us.

My Future Daughter- just like her Mom! :)

I think I am beginning to learn the lesson :)

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Wishful Wednesday


Today I wish for a cup of Chai Tea while having a Me Day!

 Then a selection of fabulous outfits
What are your wishes for today?

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Tuesday Travel-- Welcome to Chi-Town! Chicago!!!

It is a city I have yet to visit and it is on my must visit list! :)

Known for its great history, gorgeous skyline, water and crazy windy days. Chicago is the city that has famous pies ( pizza) and great architecture and sports.

Here is Chicago!

 Go and try some fabulous cupcakes :)
 Perhaps catch a show ? :)

May even run into Chicago's Son-- Vince Vaughn

Good Old Chicago... what do you love about Chicago? :)

Monday Spotlight--- Joules Posh Wellies

Happy Monday Spotlight here at TVP! I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend :)

Today on TVP we will be spotlighting these fabulous wellies- Joules Posh Wellies!!
OMW! They are adorable! I just placed an order for the black ones with the pink bow!

How adorable are these?

These are a must have for the spring and thunderous summer afternoons! :)

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Weekend Love

 This weekend I am loving the idea of throwing a Garden Party! My backyard is on a lake so I always thought, how gorgeous would it be to have a nice, sweet little garden party one weekend for my family and friends. Here are some that I am loving...

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What are you loving this weekend?

Have a sweet and delightful weekend my friends.

Fashion Friday-- The Wedge

Here at TVP, each friday we will be hosting a blog segment called,  "Fashion Friday". Our take on the latest fashions that we want you, our TVP family to know, check out and give us feedback on what you think. Would you wear it ? Do you love it? Hate it?

Today we are spotlighting our favorite finds of the summer staple - The Wedge Shoe.
Here are our picks:

Gold Wedge

C. Loubiton Wedge
Classic Jennifer Aniston Wedge

Green Celine Wedge

 So, what do you say? Are these wedges one's you love, hate or rather just have them hide out in your shoe collection?


Today I found this and thought "Wow"! So true.. and thought, oh my goodness, this is truly what everyone wnats especially women. What do you all think? Leaving you to ponder about it for a bit and leave me your thoughts on the comment line :)

Happy Thursday :)


Wishful Wednesday

Every wednesday at TVP we will be doing a Wishful Wednesday Post on wishing our readers a day filled with love, laughter, joy and many pretty wishes!  Hopefully, these will make you smile, laugh and make your day a little bit brighter. Enjoy :)


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Wishing everyone a day filled with magical wishes!