Just when you think...

things are getting better you learn that another hurdle gets in your way.

If you do not know the history of my sibling and I. It's simple we do not speak. We grew up exactly in the same way, raised the same way, given the same things and we turned out as one is good the other is selfish.

I have always refered to myself as an only child. I never had that sibling relationship and I longed for it for a long while. But in the past few years, I have let go of that dream and made peace with reality. Sadly, my parents are still realling from the disrespect, hurt and pain they caused them. But my mom cannot let go of that longing for her son to actually show that he cares. Its really heartbreaking and to see my parents deal with it in such a different way and know they are hurting is just agony for me.

With that, my mom wants to invite my sibling and his wife over for dinner. Sadly, my father has announced that with how much they hurt him he will not speak to them and will ignore them.Which will not mend anyting and only make matters worse for everyone. I told my mom that I have forgiven but I will never forget. I will be nice say Hi and How are you and Bye. But as far as a relationship, I dont care for one.

Pray for my family, maybe one day things will turn around for us all. Who knows?


Shayna Embry said...

I have no words here but, special thoughts and prayers for you & your family girl friend!

melifaif said...

I hope they do! But really....I just pray for happiness and contentment for all.

itsallaboute said...

I am going through the same thing with my biological father.

I pray for you that it goes smoothly...I know how hard this can be on everyone.

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