My Bucket List

I've been thinking a lot lately, especially since I am approaching the age of 30 in January. Thinking about life, what I want to accomplish before time passes you by and you are 80 living in a retirement community and knitting for the grandkids. Or hopefully, 80 hanging out at the local Catholic Church playing it up in Bingo with Father Callahan. Aw, a girl can dream can't she. ;)
My bucket list is at 49 items and I created this list when I was 15. Either I was really bored or I must have thought this was a really cool idea. I'm going with the really cool idea. So, Im turning 30 and I thought I've gotta put this list into action. Here I am on my blog putting it into action. Some of these items I may need my blogger friends help with and I will let you guys know which ones.

Whats on my list you may ask? Well, here are some:

Go to Italy with a bunch of fun friends- not lame ones.

Do ballroom dancing

MC a Charity Event

Go to the Today Show and get on tv

Try every hidden restaurant in each city in America - best places to eat :)

Travel to India,Asia, all of Europe and Canada

Have a dinner party of people I like from different backgrounds.

Buy my parents a house in Europe

Tour the White House when a president I like is in office

Watch a concert from backstage

Tour with someone who I really admire for 1 week only

Go to Disneyworld

Own a second home that I love

Visit St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital and make kids laugh.

Start a children's fairytale time program at childrens hospitals in my area.

There's just a sneak peak into my list. Some items have been revamped as I grew up. So, here's my invite to you all will you join me on my journey?


Shannon said...

Wow, what a great list! Fingers crossed you'll make all these and more happen! And yes, you need to be featured on the Today Show! Happy weekend!

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