Things I am loving right now…

Mary Kay Foundation Primer--

OMG! Best primer I have ever used! I sell MK on the side to my friends and family. And I'll be honest, I have used so many foundation primers from MAC to Laura Mercier, Clinique etc.. You name it, I have tried it. When I got the sample the other week in the mail, I wasn't expecting it to be great.. Just thought- this will be like the others. But Boy, was I wrong! It is fantastic!!! And very well priced. It goes on smooth, melts into your skin. I am telling you, best stuff I have ever used! Highly recommend it! :)

Note-- It will be coming out to everyone next month. :)

Lily Pulitizer Planner-

This planner is amazing! I tried to get into the Mom agenda ones, but I I like sprial books. Easier to write in, fold pages over etc.. I guess they remind me of when I was in grade school. Who knows? They are adorable! I have navy fish one (see below). It has everything, stickers, notes, address book, folders, months and individual days etc… The planner runs from August 2010 thru December of 2011. For $25 you cannot beat that :)


As you all know I am a huge lover of Spin class and Yoga. BUT, I love to dance. So, when I heard of this intense work out that was based on dance moves. I had to check it out for myself. So, I found a local rec. center and contacted the Zumba Instructor. Dropped in on her class this week and I burned 600 calories in a 45 min class. The best part, it was like being at a Flashmob dance scene. It was over top, let lose fun! OMG! Best thing ever! If you hate going to the gym, working with weights or the dreaded treadmill. I highly recommend finding a Zumba class near you or buyingthe DVD's or its on Xbox Kinnect now :)


melifaif said...

Hmmm....I am thinking I NEED that primer!!!!!!!

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