They say it's your Birthday…

It's official.. I turned the big 30 on Wednesday and I'm okay with it.

I know this is huge to say, but egh.. I am okay. There was a little cryfest that morning, but its natural. Some people I know that turned 30 were shut in's for the day. Which I can now understand why. It is very difficult to let go of your 20's. if you really think about it, you do so much in your 20's that are filled with all these milestones. College, first job, relationships, lost and gained, fist new car etc… So many, that it's like letting go of a security blanket. Sadly, I will be telling people I am 29 plus 1. haha. Until, I am ready to say I am .. Uhh.. Ya know 30. I'll ease into it.

So, here's to easing into being 30. officially an adult who focuses on retirement funds, insurance, and sadly the weather. Ya know, all those important adults topics people speak of. :)

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Girl in Carolina said...

I have to say that even though turning 30 was a little traumatic, I can attest that my 30's have been WAY better than my 20's. I'm not just saying that because I am DEEP into my 30's, haha! But for whatever reason, I have really enjoyed my 30's. Now I have to look forward to my next milestone in a few years...turning 40 UGH!!!!

Hope you are feeling better!!

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