Superbowl Ads and Congrats Packers!

As tradition in America, everyone on a Sunday night once a year we all gather around eat fabulous food and watch the infamous Super Bowl. Some watch for the game, others for the ads and half time performance.

Here's the deal, the game was fantastic! Great win for the Packers! I was rooting for them since I am a Pats fan. The Ad's were hmm... shall we say.. lackluster. I wasn't impressed. I was really bummed that none of these ad's blew me away. Only two were my favorites:

  1. The Volkswagon Darth Vader Commercial
  2. The Tibetan Commercial for Groupon
What really made me shake my head was the halftime show. Oh my word, seriously, who knew that the Black Eyed Peas were horrible live? Some people blame it on their equipment being terrible etc... I blame it on them. I would rather have them lipsynch the songs than sound horrible if the equipment is to blame. If that isn't the case, then wow, they really are bad singers. I say, give me my chorus and techno beats and we will call it even BEP. Deal?

What was your favorite Ad's? What were your low lights and highlights of this years Superbowl?


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