Praying for Alabama and The World

As you may have noticed or not noticed. In which, unless you live in a hole somewhere and never leave that hole. The weather across not only our south east area but across the world is getting dangerous and scary. From Japan- Tsunamies & earthquakes to Tornadoes all over the South and Midwest, Floods and forest fires in Texas and California. Seems that Mother Nature is taking us for a crazy ride.

I will admit that crazy weather terriefies me to no end. I believe since I cannot predict nor control what is happening makes it worse for me to handle. But I know what I can do is send good thoughts and prayers to those who are being affected by these storms and hope that it will end soon.

I would like to encourage everyone to please go to a local shelter, recovery center or if not possible donate to the American Red Cross.  Even if you can donate a $1.00 it is better than nothing. It is times like these that we must come together, give a helping hand and we will make it through.

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