Spotlight Monday-- Michael Bonomo

At TVP each Monday we will be spotlighting a website, person, talent or things we love and want YOU to know about. So, for our first spotlight Monday let me introduce to you my dear friend and one of my all time favorite people Mr. Michael Bonomo.

Mike Bonomo is what I call a guy who reaches for the top in everything he does but still is rarely satisfied. Not in a bad way, it shows that he is always looking to better in his craft, art, writting and overall who he is. And I admire that about him the most. Always reaching for the top with integrity and true hardwork. That for me sums up my friend. Believe me, you all know that when I speak highly of people it is most likely they are fantastic inside and out.

Mike is a director, screenwriter, producer, guru of all horror films and a photographer and so much more.
If you live in the LA area and need an amazing photographer Mike is your man. To view his work go to his website Michael Bonomo. I know that I have some readers who live in the California area and if you would like to have Mike capture some memories for you post a comment on here with your email and I will get you in contact with him. Or email me on his website.

To view his amazing new short Film called Echo ( ladies, seriously, it is a tearjerker) go to his
Youtube Channel  I recomend you see this one in particular. Beautiful and seamless.

So, let's go and support our first spotlight Monday person, Michael Bonomo on his page and channel.
As always, feel free to post your thoughts and comments on what you think about him.
Would love to hear them.

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