Defriending on FB.

Okay... don't worry I didn't defriend anyone on my FB list. But this topic came up on the radio this morning on my drive into work. The question asked, " Would you get offended and hurt if one of your FB friends removed you as a friend?" Many of the men on the radio show said they could care less, no feelings are hurt with them etc... The women said that they really would be hurt because they would like to know the reason as to why they were removed even if they didn't do anything to that FB friend. I thought to myself this morning and said that yea, my feelings would be hurt because people removing friends on FB there must be a reasoning. You just don't go and do a random draw and pick who to defriend that day. So, I just wanted to ask my blog friends, what are your thoughts on this? Would be be hurt or offended? Or could you care less?

The Vintage Pearl :)


Mary said...

Well it took me more than a month to notice, but I got defriended and it's making my heart ache. The person who defriended me was an old friend with whom I've had a rocky relationship, and she was the one who asked to be a fb friend. I know I'm too dark for her, and she seems kind of ... chirpy or something, so we're incompatible in world views. I guess it makes a lot of sense for her to defriend me, really, but it still hurts, it's just another loss. Sunshine goes away.

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