Wishful Wednesday

I am starting a new Wednesday post regarding my and yours wishes.

So what do you wish for this week? Are you a firm believer in the Disneyworld saying " A wish is a dream your heart makes"?
I have never been to Disney, yea, I know.. I am way behind at 29 yrs of age. But I will be going this Thanksgiving with my parents. Just the 3 of us. I was hoping to bring my doggie, but apparently they are not allowed in the parks. I know-- it's just not right?! Anyhow, this is what I wish this Wednesday and I wish/pray for it each night before I go to sleep.

My parents healthy and safe from all harm. Even though, they are young & active, I adore my parents. I just always worry that if something happened, what in the world would I do? So, I pray for them.
My friends health and happiness.
World Peace.
For all that serve our country from President to the troops.
For more good in the world and less tragedy.
And t hat I may awake the next morning and enjoy my day & life!

That is pretty much my wish this week and well, every night. Sorry for mien being pretty deep, but that is what is on my mind as I write this post. So, what is your wish for this week?

I can't wait to read them!

Happy Wishing,


I'maNolaGirl said...

I wish for the people os Nashville to know that while life will seem dark for some time, there will be light. It breaks my heart to see anyone have to endure the pain that comes along with flooding.

And for the people of the Gulf Coast, especially those that make their living on those waters. May they find the answers needed to keep an ecosystem and way of life in tact.

Allison said...

I wish that my family and friends remain healthy, safe, happy, and get to enjoy each day to its fullest. I also wish for patience-I know that the day will come when it will not seem like it is me against the world, but I need to be able to just wait.

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