SATC 2 Review

Hi Lovies & Fellow STC Lovers!!

So, who went and saw STC 2 last night? What did you all think? I actually went and I have to say that I was a little disappointed. I wasn't wow'ed like the first one. I know, sad uh?. But I must say that it was always a tad too long. 2 and 1/2 hours?! Way too long and I felt that it just kept on dragging on and on. All that said, I did enjoy the fahsion and gorgeous locales! They are just breathtaking. I mean, how many of us girls dream of going with some friends, live in NYC and travel around the world, all while wearing great clothes?! Can you say Me! :)

It is Memorial Day weekend and that means, American Flags flying outside our doors, grilling, kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood and great weather. It is also a great reminder that we have troops day and night serving our country as well as the world. Keeping us safe, free and happy. So, take a moment and give thanks to those who serve and their families who make an amazing sacrifice all for us.

I have nothing planned this weekend, besides cleaning my car and packing. Where am I going? To DC with my parents. I am driving up the 8 hours Thursday and driving back Sunday. To visit a friend and do the DC tour as well as, visit Baltimore. I am super exccited and I am thinking that this trip will just fly by. It's a short trip, but it will be fun. I promise, I will come back with pictures and tons of stories for you all

What are your plans this weekend? Visiting family & friends? Staying in and catching up on some gardening or your overdo To Do List?

Either way, I want to wish you my blog friends a great long weekend and be safe ! :)




Allison said...

I just saw the movie tonight. I actually liked it more then the first one. The first one was fun but IMHO very predictable. In this installment you were never quite sure what was going to happen. The fashions were fantastic!

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