Farmer's Market in Charlotte, NC.

As many of you know, I currently live in the Carolinas. South Carolina to be exact and I am only 45 mins drive away from one of my favorite cities Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is a great, growing city and I went to college there as well as, lived there after college for a while. I simplylove it there. Many people don't truly take the time to get to know this great city. They usually fly into the city and fly back out, or drive right through to get to Raleigh, Atlanta or Richmond. Every Saturday my mom and I have a summer tradition, we take a drive up to the farmer's market for our weekly shopping. It's such a great treat for she and I. Living in a town where our farmer's market is should I say? Lacking produce and I mean, lacking. So, we get our grocery totes and head on up and spend a whole afternoon tasting fruits, veggies, talking with the elderly gentleman who sells the best watermelon I have tried in a very long time. Simply enjoying the flowers, crafts and food that is sold there. It is a mecca of different cultures, races, ages and so on. I always felt more comfortable surrounded by people of all shapes, sizes, and races. I believe that is because I am slightly different. I am a Portuguese girl, born and raised in the city of Boston who happens to live in the South. I feel like a fish out of water many days. But it's me and I'm proud of who I am, where I have been and where I come from.

The farmer's market to me is more than just people selling fresh fruits and a bouquet of flowers. It's an experience of what life has to offer us. It is an overflowing pot of culture and simplicity.


Tricia Loves Makeup and Fashion said...

I absolutely LOVE Farmer's markets! When Sebastian was a baby, I would go to our local one every other week to get fresh {sometimes organic} veggies and make his baby food. It made me feel so good to be able to help out a local business and know I am feeding my baby the best food as well.

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