I've got the fever.. Justin Beiber Fever!

I swear, everytime I hear his song.." I just want somebody to loovvvee!! " On the radio… I find myself singing in the car and car dancing as I drive lol. I love his songs and he is adorable. So I admit it I am a 29 year old who loves JB!

The kid can create a great beat and lyric.

Anyone else got the fever?


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I am loving your blog makeover!! It looks fabulous!

And yes, I have a hard time resisting JB's music, it makes me want to dance!

Liz said...

"Bieber eating a Twiglet." is all that goes through my head when I hear his name now!

Silvia said...

Thank you girls! :) Julie.. miss ya!! Love it that you love the blog makeover!

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