So, where have I been?

Yes, I know, I have been MIA lately. But I do have a good excuse. I ended up taking time off to give my blog a much needed as well as, well deserved make over. So, what do you all think? Love, Dislike or Egh ?

There are a couple of finishing touches that the fabulous Marina at Penny Lane Designs needs to install. I want to thank her for the fantastic blog design and her patience with me. Thank you Marina!!! Everyone go to her site and place your order for a blog design. She is a dream to work with and The Vintage Pearl just loves her!
Also, a warm thank you to my new friend and designer Ashley Brooke at Ashley Brooke Designs. She hand sketched the blog header you see above. It is absolutely beautiful! That is me and my dog Sophie. The blog header is all about me, what I love, my culture per the flags on the desk etc… She did a fantastic job. If you need a stationary design or any type of design, please check out her site here and she is amazing and talented artist as well as, a sweetheart!
Here's an update on me and what I have been doing this summer:
I have been simply working, and I work a lot. 12 hour days sometimes 6 days a week. My mom was in Boston for 6 weeks visiting my Grandmother and spending time with her siblings etc.. Therefore, it has just been me and my Dad. We have been both working, holding down the house etc… I know, fun times uh?

Other than that, I have been just having my blog made over and working on it for you all! I hope you really like it and I am looking forward to having you get to know me and vice versa.

So, stay tuned and hold on tight.. This will be quiet the great adventure :)


I'maNolaGirl said...

Well, looky here! Your blog looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I can't wait to come along with you on your journey!

Melissa said...

I love your new look! :)

Mrs. D said...

Love the makeover!

LuvRedandWhite said...

Love the new look :)

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