The Holidays

I guess I will get a tad emotional in writiung this post but I must do it. The holidays have become more sad for me as I get older. It is just my parents and i this year. I have a younger brother, however, we do not have a relationship at all. That is something that is in the past and I care not to bring it up. I guess you may say, I have always felt like an only child. All my cousins are younger about the age of 13 and below. They live 1,000 miles away and with the Christmas being a 3 day weekend this year. Time to fly to see them would not be worth it.

I'm just sad over this holiday. Just mom, dad and I, sitting at home opening presents but ourselves. It's pretty depressing and I wish I had a huge family of my own to enjoy this time with. One day, I hope and pray that happens for me. There you have it. Me dreading Christmas all because it will be pretty lonely.

I am reminded of the scene from Bridget Jones Diary- where its's her and her father at home alone on Christmas eve in their pajamas watching the tele in the dark or this scene will be me:

I know, I sound selfish and ungrateful but I am believe me I am. My parents and I are happy, healthy, safe and we have good jobs thank goodness. I guess its the feeling that we won't be surrounded by family etc.. I am having one of my dear friends from work who will be alone on Christmas over on Christmas Day for lunch etc..

Anyways, enough sappy emotional posts for today. I hope that everyone is havinga fabulous friday and the weekend is here! :)

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Bridget said...

oh girl! Hugs! perhaps it would be fun for you and your parents to volunteer this Christmas. like a soup kitchen or a nursing home. sadly my grandma lives 1200 miles away and we wont be able to visit her for Christmas. it would warm my heart to know someone spent a few hours with her on Christmas day.

and be thankful for your quiet Christmases now, because one day you will have a big family and relatives and drama and you will be dreaming of these nice quiet Christmases :)

Allison said...

Huge hugs!! You know that you are always celebrating the holidays with me even if we are miles apart. Lve you!

Carolina Girl said...

I totally relate to this! It's just my mom, dad and brother and Christmas and oh how I wish we were married and had babies of our own. The holidays would be so much more cheerful I think! I love Bridget Jones. That picture made me laugh!

Cheer up, you are not alone :)

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