Am I A Scrooge?

I'm just not feeling the whole holiday season this year. Anyone else not feeling it?

It may the turn on our economy, world suffering no clue. I just don't feel that spirit in the air at all.

I know many of my friends are not celebrating Christmas as much as they would this year. I know many will be having a small dinner and a present or so. It's kind of sad. I mean, its just not in the air. The sales on shopping have gone down. Many are focusing on buying for the children only this year etc…

My Mom is even contemplating not even decoratingthis year. I mean what in the world?

For Christmas, I think I will take my parents to Savannah, GA for Christmas Day afternoon until that Monday. Just to get away, enjoy a small vacation etc… Last year, we went to Asheville on Christmas day and spent the weekend there at Biltmore they loved it.

I kind of feel bad that I am not feeling this year's holiday spirit at all. I mean, Thanksgiving is 8 days away and it just feels like a normal day to day. Any one else or am I being a Scrooge this year?

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BelleinBows said...

I typically don't start feeling the holiday spirit until Thanksgiving. I think the weather is not helping either. I love your idea of going somewhere for Christmas day.

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