Manic Monday..

2 more days until I am up in the air and off to Boston then Porto, Portugal all in one day.
I must admit I am not that great of a flyer.. all i want to do is just sleep and breathe. My anxiety and nerves are coming up and will be full force on Tuesday. Oy... I see Advil PM in my future for 2 nights at least.

On a happier note, I have three guest bloggers coming in and posting on TVP while I am gone.
Those would be my fabulous friends- A Belle In Bows, It's All About Erin and Wearing Mascara.

Check out their blogs. This will be a great treat for all TVP readers. :)

Also, a sad tribute to a great talent who struggled with addiction... R.I.P. Amy Winehouse.
Such a sad ending to a talented person. May you have peace at last.

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