Where Have I Been Lately?

Dear Friends,
So sorry for going MIA in the past month or so. Things have been a whirlwind lately and it is all good things.
With that, I am back and ready to get into blogging my life, thoughts on the world and things that I love! :)

Thank you for being so patient with me and for being understanding. My blog friends are the BEST and you all are amazing! Thank YOU!

So,I will have some news to share come in a few weeks, but I am not ready as of yet. But it will be a good news.. no worries.

On a lighter note-- I have 6 more days until I am flying off to Porto, Portugal to meet my parents and spend time with my family. I am over the moon excited and I will hopefully be able to blog from there, but most likely I will be Tweeting-- follow me at Silvie1999.

Stay tuned... daily posts will be a coming! :)


itsallaboute said...

Soooo happy your back!!!!!

BelleinBows said...

So excited to see you are back to blogging and tweeting!

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