On my mind...

  • 5 more days until I am in the air and flying to Porto, Portugal. AAAHHH I cannot believe I will get to see my parents and extended family.
  • 5 more precious days before I leave this sweet baby for 2 whole weeks :(

  • I think I have found the one. More on that later.
  • Overwhelmed with the items and errands I have to accomplish before I leave on Wednesday morning. I swear I need an assistant
  • Hoping that I can switch my IPhone/AT&T carrier to international plan so that I dont get charged with roaming.
  • Grateful for my twitter and blog girlfriends- E and Belle In Bows - They are truly the best a girl could ask for :)
And had to share this.. just made me smile this morning :)


BelleinBows said...

Omg, this post just made my day! Just so you know I am grateful for your friendship as well! I hope you have the time of your life in Portugal!

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