Summer Wants

So, spring is officially upon us and some of us here in the Carolina's are feeling the summer heat already. 90 degrees all week and pollen at an all time high. Wow! Is this a taste of what the summer will be like? Ugh.. I love the summer time but a girl who was raised in Boston under the Boston Moonlight and more winter seasons than summer. I must admit after 14 years here in the Carolina's I am still getting used to it.

Aside from the temperature of the weather.. When you think of Summer,what do you think of? The beach? Of course. The vacations? For sure! The summer fashions and accessories?!! Hmm.. Yes please!!

So these are my summer Wants, ( note: that these are all wants, I wish I had the money to buy all these items, but I am willing to dream about them for now :)

London Jewels Courtesy of Astley Clarke:

Bumble Bee Purse:

Don't get me wrong I could break the bank and buy all the things listed above, but then I would need a place to live and a place to eat. Yep,this would send me straight to the poor house. But One day, I willl purchase them and enjoy :)

So , what are your summer wants?


I'maNolaGirl said...

I love that ring!!!!

Allison said...

The necklace is gorgeous!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Oh, my gosh! Now those purses are on my list! The bow! And the bee!! Ahhh!!

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