Real Housewives NYC Review

As Julie @ Brown Eyed Belle knows, I have been dying to talk with some ladies about last night's drama filled episode of RH of NYC.
Did anyone watch? If not, stop reading, go to or Bravo channell and see the episode. It is a must! Spoiler Alert--
Okay, for those who watched.. Can you say DRAMA!! Hello?! NYC is full of craziness this season. To begin, let's start with the Jill & Bethanney feud. Okay, so am I the only one who thinks that Jill is blowing this way out of proportion? I mean, Girl, you may need to get a hobby if you act like a child. Seriously, Poor B. My heart broke for her last night. I mean the situation with her father, Jill drama etc…She has made a lot of effort to mend or even sit down and talk about this with Jill. But Jill, sits there and says" I can't do this right now, I am not ready" Well, I would get ready .. You have had 3 months to apparently to deal with this. So, give the girl 5 mins. of your time and listen. Like B said “Can I just tell you a few things and you don’t have to be my friend or talk to me again, but just listen…”. I am happy that B said what she wanted to say, and Jill just sat there. I mean, Come on.. Are you 5 or 45? Seriously, if you have issues with B and you care at all about your friendship. Work at it. Apparently, from what was displayed last night on your end. You don't want to fight for something. And to me that is sad. Oh and yes, you were a cold B for not crying or being emotional when Bethanney was laying her heart out to you.
Side note: The Countess needs to back off. Did you all see her interrupt with tea and all? Whoa.. Who's fight are you in anyway? I don't remember you being in a fight with anyone. Worry about you finding your Condo in the city-- where, it can't be too high up because I don't want the sun to be in the condo all day or heaven forbid too low where I would have no sun. Oh and I want this kind of stone for my fireplace and not that, but this kind of kitchen, not too small and not grand blah, blah & blah. Uh…
Okay, I just hope that Jill realizes what she lost and how petty this is. Because I get that Bobby had cancer and all. However, you never informed her as to what the operation was about etc… Communication is key and not every one can be who you think they should be in your friendship. Bottom Line.. Jill Get Over It!
Ramona- Bless her. I know she can be, how can I say it? Hmm… coo coo at times. But I have to admit, she bringing them together like that yesterday was what was needed. I mean, Jill can not in any way get mad at her for doing that. Must we recall that Jill did the same thing last season to B & Kellie?. Yep, that's what I thought.
Alex- It is about time you stood up for yourself! Good for you! I know she is always neutral but sometimes, it will build up and you will burst out. I was proud of her.
Okay, so my fellow bloggettes, what did you all think? Thoughts, annoyances? If you have not watched it, go now.. Don't wait. I promise you will not be disappointed.


I'maNolaGirl said...

I didn't watch last night's, but I saw the previews and now I can't wait to see it!!!!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Holy moly, I have got to see this episode!! Then we will talk!

Allison said...

It was a crazy episode! Jill and B need to work things out. Crazy!

Barefoot in the Park said...

i'm watching it right now!

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