No thermoretor needed here

Yes, you read that right. ha-ha. Girls, that is what my parents have told me. Let me begin by describing my background. I am a product of all immigrant family direct from Portugal. I am first generation, first born in the US. I have a lot firsts in the family, first grandchild, child, girl etc... Anyways, I was born and raised in Boston. So, you have a European family from Boston and what does equal... sarcasm and honesty. Yep, that is my family. So, to get back to my title of this post the thermoretor. Ugh.. this is just a glimpse of my parents humor.

We were sitting down for dinner last night and I am grilling. I am a really good griller and I enjoy it. I haveyet to burn something and it comes out with no need of a meat thermoretor. So, I guess I am a pro at this. Anyways, my dad tells my mom that " Look, see your daughter, she doesnt even need a thermoretor yet." Then my mom just starts to laugh, then my dad. I am standing there like what in the world? Okay, must be an inside joke. My Dad made the thermoretor as a nasty thing. If you know what I mean. Since, I am still single at the moment. I do not have the use for a "thermoretor" from a man right now. And apparently, this turned into my dad's dirty mind.

I'm telling you girls. My parents have dirty minds and now its a running joke. lol Ugh... a typical day in my house.

Sorry if I offended anyone... I debated on touching this topic, but thought it was too funny not to share. Hope you all have a great Wednesday! :)


I'maNolaGirl said...

Too funny!!!

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