The Hills, The City & Me...Oh My!

Okay, come on admit it… who can't wait to watch the Hills & The City tonight?

Personally, I cannot wait! I must admit, even though I cannot stand the Pratts and their media attention. They do make it interesting.
I love LO, she is adorable. Audrina & Kristin… whoa! Cat Fights all around my friends.
Unfortunately, I better enjoy this season, since it will be the last. *sigh*.

The City: I Love Whitney! She has been great since the Hills and now, she is doing so well. Proud of her ( hmm… yea, I sound like she & I are friends) ha-ha. But I do love her. Olivia is the drama of the show and nerves me to no end that she doesn't even want to work or put any effort into it. Ugh….
So, tonight's plan: Settle into bed, turn on MTV and enjoy! :)

Happy Tuesday and Have a great Wednesday Friends!


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