I'm a Bookworm & I am Proud!

dnI am a true book worm. I read all the time, books, magazines editorials, newspapers etc.. I read on my lunch break, in the morning when I wake up and begin my day, even before I fall asleep I try and read 1 chapter before bed. My friends always ask how do I go through books so quickly, my answer: I am addicted to reading :)

Here are my top reads for the month of June:

1). Hannah's List by Debbi Macomber
2). The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender
3). Island Beneath The Sea by Isabel Allende
4). Heart Of The Matter by Emily Giffin
5). Pointe and Shoot: A Jenny T. Patridge Dance Mystery by Natalie M. Roberts

What do you like to read? Are you a book worm too?

Happy Tuesday :)


Sarah Ann said...

I'm a TOTAL bookworm... Go us! :)

Ann Stewart said...

I'm more of a one woman book store! Can't seem to get enough.

May I suggest a summer read for you written by one of your college mates. Awenasa Island by Ann Bartle Stewart.

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