And I'm spent!

And I'm Spent & with no pictures to show for it.  My camera broke on the drive up. I am very bummed that I have no pictures to show you girls at all. Forgive me?

Yes, I am back from my weekend vacation in Maryland/DC and I am exhausted.

It was a great time with my parents & sorority sister. We stayed at her home and it we had a wonderful time.

On Friday, we ventured into Baltimore, visited Little Italy. We ate at a place that I believe was run by the "M****". If you catch my drift. ( wink * wink). So, that was super uncomfortable and very Godfather like. We walked around the Inner Harbor, which was fabulous. There is the Domino Sugar Factory on the harbor. You can smell the sugar being cooked… it was really amazing!

Saturday, we toured the US Capitol & Library of Congress. Can you say... WOW!!! I was just in awe by the size of these two American Landmarks. Who in the world knew that these two building were built back in the 1700/1800's by hand?!! The craftsmanship is jaw dropping. I found myself, just staring at everything & thinking.." My oh My… now this is craftsmanship at it's finest" We don't build things like this anymore.

Saturday Night- Dinner at a Portuguese Restaurant called - Tavaria! Yes, I was psyched. My beloved culture is now in MD area. My parents were tickled pink as I was - ha-ha. I am 100% Portuguese - first generation. I grew up in this world and now, living in the Carolinas. I am not around it anymore, therefore, I get super excited when I find a place t hat offers my food :)

Overall, the trip was great, many memories were made and I did miss my readers/friends. How was your weekend?

Until next time- Adeus,



Mrs. D said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Sadly, I live really close to DC but I don't think I've ever been to the Capitol. But now I feel like I really should! And sorry about your camera, I hate hate hate when that happens!

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