In life you come to realize who is important to you and why. You are given people, whether family related or not that are not the best for you. However, there are some people who come into your life when you really need someone. Like it or not, they are there to guide, protect, encourage, create a bond and better you. I am a firm believer in my faith and I know that God handles me with what He believes is best for me. Simple as that. It took me at the age of 19 to realize this notion and I must say, I was pretty young to understand it. I guess experience, failed & falsyfied relationships can make you become a wise person at a rather young age.
You suffer, grieve and learn, that not everyone is who they used to be and perhaps they were never who you thought they were. But the good thing is that the ones who make you laugh, stand by you and accept you for you are the ones that stay. And they usually stay for a lifetime. Those are the lasting relationships that matter and are worth writing about. There is no amount of wealth in this world to trade in for one wonderful bond with another person. Books and movies are written about these relationships.It used to amaze me to read about these bonds and always believe that they exhisted. Heck, God granted me with many blessings in my life but good people was not one of them. As a child, I thought, "When will I find a good person in my life?" Yes, I have amazing parents. But with a failed sibling relationship right out of the gate of childhood. You always pray that God would have to give you some good people in your life. Those relationships are the ones that can stand the test of time, ones that you can catch up after months of not speaking as if it were yesterday, ones that you know what the other is thinking and laugh at the exact same time without uttering a word. Those are the blessed ones and I am honored to say that I am blessed with that. God didn't grant me a large family not even cousin's my own age to relate to. I was a loner, a child surrounded by adults. I didn't grow up with friends down the street that would knock on your door to play with every day during the summer. However, God works in funny ways. I had failed relationships with family memebers as well as, friends. I was somewhat of the black sheep, I never went with the grain. Good or bad, I did what I thought was right in my life. I never grew the trait of jealousy or greed. Never had a thought to make someone's else life a bit harsher, so that mine could be brighter. It wasn't me, God didn't grant me those characteristics. With that, you were outcasted. It's simple, in my past relationships, if I didn't go along with the group. You are out.

Years ago, when I was in college, I met many of my dear friends that I have today. But I will only touch on one in college. She is one of my closest friends. We argue, vent, yell, laugh, cry and have crazy fun filled getaways.In the end, we never judge, we never faulter, we are who were are. We see the good in eachother, we value and cherish. Later in life, I met a friend who reminded me today actually of how much he values our relationship. He is what I call my personal shover. He shoves, it's one of his many duties. Yes, mentally, emotinally and sometimes in a playful manner he shoves. I met him in a time where I went through a huge life decision that I had made months before. I was at a time of trying to find peace within myself and peace with the decision that I made. So, there he was and has been there for me ever since.

All my relationships are close and filled with encouragers, comedians, protestors, shovers, teachers but above most of all they are lifetimers. My relationships are few and far in between. I could count them on one hand. However, I never think of it as sad, I think of it as grateful. It's not about how many friends a person has, how popular they are. It is about the subastance of that person and relationship. For me, it is equivalent to finding gold. Some never find it, others do, but we are always searching for it. My lifetimers are apart of my family, and I am lucky to have them.

I know, that many of you have asked about my writings etc… I will only stick to blogging for right now. This entry was inspired by a friend today, just had to write it out.

Thanks :)


Allison said...

What you wrote is so true! God brings the people that you are meant to have in your life for a lifetime right when He knows you need them. Your blog post really hit a nerve with me, but in a good way. It makes you think about what is really important in relationships.

LuvRedandWhite said...

I completely agree that the important people are brought into our lives at just the right time :) Happy Wednesday, love!

The Beasleys said...

I agree with that. I have a few lifetimers myself :) They are the ones that know you best. Love you girl and I am glad I found you again on Facebook!

Melissa said...

So true! These are the people who know everything and love you no matter what! :)

You have an award at my blog!

Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Congrats to Julie! I'm so bummed I missed the giveaway, I just saw it on SS and went to enter but was too late :( next time. next time!

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