I may be too passionate.

Let me explain. I responded to a pretty heated topic regarding places of worship being built on private property etc.. Anyways, I have large stance on  many taboo topics that are in the media now a days. I stand and put myself in others shoes and think. Hey, ya know, if this happened to me, my religion, culture, people etc... what would I do or think? I was always an open minded person, loved all religions, races and learned about people's walks in life. I never shunned, nor said I am better than anyone else or my beliefs are great, while yours suck. No, I was never and will never be like that. If I turn into that, you all have the right to hit me on  the head with a frying pan. I am a believer in Coexisting. I believe in the world, all the people, races, cultures etc.. that make it up. I believe in all colors and in a colorful world.

I was told today I am too pasionate.And I stepped back and didn't know how to respond to that. How can one be too passionate? I mean, heck you have passion or not. I rather have too much of it or lack it.
So, I am passionate and I am proud of it ! :)


I'maNolaGirl said...

Right on! I am the very same way, and I don't see that being passionate is a bad thing as long as you can be empathic as well.

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