" You are a piece of garbage"

Oh joy, the Real Housewives of NJ reunion part 1 aired last night and can I just say this was AWESOME!!! It truly did not disappoint. It was filled with crazy, shoving, yelling, screaming, pointing and name calling. Super classy in Jersey! ;)
Below is a sneak peek pic of the moment ( which happened within the first 5 mins of the show) where Teresa goes off onm Danielle. Something about her nephew? I have no idea honestly. My twitter friends and I just did n't understand why she went off on her like that. But she did say " You don't break up my family" In screaming, schreiking voice. Can you say Crazy? One tweet friend made a really interesting statement last night, she said. We all know Danielle is crazy, but you must be crazier when you start making Danielle look less crazier than you. Isn't that the truth?! I mean, let’s face it here. They are all crazy to some level, but I must admit that the only one who has class and dignity is my favorite Mrs. Caroline Manzo. Like she said.. She has been even keel. She doesn't speak to them, she doesn't talk or associate herself with them. Which is true. She has her own family to run and handle. She doesn't need the crazies added to it. Lets get to talking about each one.. First up,

Well, can I just say that she has lost her classiness. Seriously, your husband is not hot, you spend money like water, you talk about how Jersey Shore is a bad representation of Italians in Jersey. Well, hello?!!! What in the world do you call yourself? Its all the same my dear. Also, you have had to have known that your husband was hinting at you about the financial trouble you all were in. In every episode this season he makes a comment. I even noticed that and I don't live with you all. Also, who in the world gets into a car wreck and then goes and takes some shots to "ease the stress" right after? Can we say Denial here?!


Okay, let me just say that she annoys me to no end. She's like the girl in the group of bullies that tries to fit in, be tough etc.. But really is a whimp. Her daughter should be charged etc.. I mean, in the real world if her daughter did that, guess what? Charges would have been brought up against her. Plus, let's face it, the girl needs a really good lesson. A bratty kid who doesn't get that your actions cause consequences. Oh and that red glitter dress had to go.. Not flattering at all.


So she is crazy, lives through her children, plays the victim card, and walks away. Seriously?!! With your supposed past criminal background, you should be maning up! But no she walks away and why does she do that? Well, simple, her tactic is to make them look crazier than her. And job well done! It works. I really do agree with Caroline. I have never seen her children be really happy. You look at them and they look down, eyes really blank. Its really sad. And her outfit.. A wife beater?! Come on, dress classy for once!

Best dressed: Hands down Caroline!! She looked fantastic!!

Did you all watch? If not, go and watch it, then comment on here! Thoughts?
Have a fantastic Tuesday!!
Credit: Picture from Cnn.com- Showbiz tonight


Miss Janice said...

Loved this review! They all are crazy I think. Teresa really acted like a lunatic last night! All I can say is that I'm glad I don't live in Jersey...seriously!!! :-)

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