Things on my mind this morning:

Big Brother episode last night- I have got to say that Matt has got to go and sadly, I think Brittany will be next.

Pandora is the greatest thing on my BB since my Twitter app. Love it! If you don't have it check it out. Its music you will love it.

Twitter- I love my tweet friends. I must say that my tweet friends have been some of my close friends lately. Truly grateful for them. Thank you ladies :)

Jury Duty week-- Ugh.. Doing my part, conducting my civil duty. But I must say that I dread it. It's really heartbreaking and stressful at times.

Blessings- I am truly beyond blessed. I cannot be reminded enough about how lucky I am. Good health, family, friends, an amazing job so much more. God is good!

Crazy people and ignorance. It's on my mind daily. I guess, I relate to people from different cultures, religions, backgrounds etc… I am a person who is of a different culture, religion etc.. My ultimate wish is that people don't think of others as less than them, or bad/evil etc… We are all humans who want peace and respect. And FYI.. We all ultimately believe in the same thing. Just sayin'

Aziz Ansari and Vince Vaughn- If you know me for a long while, you may have noticed that I am a girl who loves a sense of humor. To me, it is the layout for everything else in a person. I crave lauighter. It makes things better in a person's life. I admire the two actors/comedians above. Not only for their charm and sauve looks. Okay, well Aziz you just want to put him in your pocket for safe keeping :) But both make me laugh and take life into a different outlook. To me, that’s a gift. I hope that people who know me think that about me. I may not be the smartest or prettiest, but heck, I know I am funny and faithful with everyone.

So, today, your duties are to be thankful for what you have, have a tweetfest, laugh, be open minded, create peace and above all, take it all day by day.


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