Savannah, GA- Land of Paula Deen:

Hey Ya'll!! Just had to say that. I must say that I really liked Savannah. It has amazing history, picturesque squares and so much more. But I will confess to you all, that I would not be sad if I never visited it again. I must say that I prefer Charleston, SC more than Savannah. It may be the humidity, or the people? I have no idea. But I liked Savannah, not at a love status as of yet. What I do is thie Greek Restaurant on River Street- Olympia's!! Fantastic! I think I am like their promoter. Love them, the staff, family who owns it, food and much more. I guess, why I love it that much is because its European and I feel right at home. Like "These are my people". If you did not already guess, I am 100 % Portuguese. So, a girl who grew up in a Portuguese family from a small town in northern Portugal feels at home in any European scene. I actually get really giddy and I am over the moon. You would have thought I was meeting Vince Vaughn or something?! It was crazy love for the Greeks! So, go and check this little spot out. I give it 5 stars in my book!
Okay, some southern blog and twitter friends may actually throw stones at me and well, blow me off from their list of friends. But I am a really honest person, and I have to be true to you all right?. Confession: I do not get the whole Paula Deen deal. I mean, I get the Southern Cuisine, comfort food, Sweet Tea, homemade butter biscuits. Believe me, I get it, so does my butt, hence why WW has been called into duty. My point being is that I walked by Lady and Sons restaurant and people standing around the corner, like you would think they were in line for the Soup Nazi in NYC or to get Today Show tickets. And I look inside the restaurant and I am like this looks like the Golden Corral?!! What in the heck?! Are you serious? Oh No, I am not waiting 2 hours or more in 118 degree humidity for some mac and cheese made with 4 sticks of butter. And Ms. Dean has her own store right next door?! What has this town come to?. I mean, listen, I love Paula Dean. I think her sweet and funny personality shines like the sunshine. But I think this town has gone way too crazy for PD. It may be just me and I know I will get sticks of butter thrown on me from the beloved PD fanatics. Oh well, I just do not get it.

Below are some pictures from my Savannah weekend. I hope you all enjoy them :) I had a great time at the reunion with sisters of all ages from all over the country. It was a great time, filled with lots of drinks, good food, karaoke and a haunted pub crawl ( which, was my personal favorite). Anytime you place Pub and crawl together. I am the first to sign up! :)


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