Travel Tuesday--- Wilmington, NC

Living in the Carolinas for the past 14 years I have yet to visit Wilmington, NC. I have been to every city and town in NC and SC. Wilimington is the last one left for me to vist. I will be taking my parents and the pup Lucy over Memorial Day weekend to see this fabulous city by the water. Here are a few sights for you to enjoy :)
Gated Homes and Gardens
The River Walk

The Boat Ramps
Historic Riverwalk

Carriage Rides

 I am looking forward to a nice R& R weekend away from the stresses of life persay. Where are you going for Memorial Day Weekend?


BelleinBows said...

All of my time in SC and I never to went to Wilmington. I am still going to make it one of these days, I have heard so many wonderful things about that town. Plus, I am a secret One Tree Hill fan, so it's a must!

I will be back in SC for Memorial Day Weekend!

S said...

LOL I am a fan of OTH and Dawsons Creek! :)
Too bad we will miss eachother while you are here in SC. Next time I am sure.

Katherine said...

What a charming looking city! Thank you for sharing these photographs :)

Girl in Carolina said...

Wilmington seems so nice! I have never visited either. Must do that someday soon!

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