Spotlight Monday--- The New Royals

If you have been living under a rock lately or just haven't switched on the tele. You cannot help but be in love with the new generation of royals in the British Monoarchy. We all grew up watching Prince William and Prince Harry as well as, feel the same anguish as to when the queen of hearts, Princess Diana passed away in 1997. I for one am the same age as Prince William and loved "growing up" beside him in the same era and year.  I am also thrilled that they both have found a passion and legacy for charities, helping those in need in the world as well as, doing what they love and marrying who they truly love in life.

That is what I love about these great people.. here's a glimpse on why they simply rock:


Visting a school in the UK

Enjoying themselves at their Charity Concert held in honor of their mother.

Cheers to this great new generation of royals ! :)


Dree said...

I'm so into the royals! I watched the E! News special Road to the Altar on Saturday night (it's a very exciting life I lead) and it's got me totally obsessed. Prince Harry is so cute in this photos!

pretty pink tulips said...

They are simply a divine couple! I share a birthday with Prince William, so I have always had a soft spot for him!

xo Elizabeth

daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...

They are def. a rare breed of young men! I know their momma is looking down so proud!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I can't get enough of them!! What a lovely couple. I agree with Daph, I know their mama is so proud of the men Will and Harry have become- so much to love about them both!

PS- I love how we talk about them as if we know them personally ;)


S said...

I completely agree :) They are fantastic! And can I just say that I found Harry to be adorable and charming at the wedding. Good thing he is still single :)
@Julie- I know, I think I know them as if I can just pop in to their home and have some tea lol

Love reading your comments. Truly, brings a smile to my face!


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