Travel Tuesday--- Tampa, FL

Each Tuesday on TVP we will be doing a Travel Tuesday segment. We will post where we would like to travel around the world or a new destination that we stumbled across. This destination is right under our noses here at TVP, let's go to the sunshine state of Florida, specifically, Tampa!

Hello sunshine, beaches, clear blue water and mojitos! :)

The Bay of Tampa Downtown
Old Tampa Region

Dowtown Trolley  
Baseball Field
Tampa Open Theater
Scallaway Bistro

Tampa is a gorgeous city filled with quaint restaurants, parks, water and beautiful archetecture.
Definately a city to visit and enjoy! :)


itsallaboute said...

Sign me up!!! I want to be there now!

S said...

Will do! :) Girls trip perhaps?

BelleinBows said...

I love Tampa, as you know! We should do a meet-up there!

I love the new look by the way. Fabulous.

melifaif said...

So very lovely. Never been, but I want to now. Gorgeous pics.

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