Guest Post: The Dead Sea

Hi everyone!

My name is Julie and I blog at Wearing Mascara. S, thank you for having me! To go along with the travel theme of the guest posts, I wanted to share with you a snippet of the best 12 days of my life in Israel. In 2008, I went to Israel for Birth Right. It was a life changing experience!

The snippet I'd like to share is the day we swam in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has so much salt that you can literally float without any effort. The salt holds you up and it's advisable that you do not stay in the water too long or you will become dehydrated quickly!

So beautiful!

Friends floating away...

See the salt under the water? Love.

There was some natural mud we used as a spa treatment. Washing it off in the salt definitely rejuvenated our skin!

Me having a blast:

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! S, thank you again for having me! Feel free to stop by my blog anytime.




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