I'm Back From Portugal! :)

Back from Portugal and I am very happy to be back to my own routine. Truth be told, I missed everything. ha-ha. I really did.

My vacation was nonetheless very tiring. To sum it up here is a picture that sums up the two weeks and the rest of the year to come... (not the best pic but you get the idea).

4 hours after my arrival my Dad had an accident where he broke his right leg in 3 different areas. Requiring emergency surgery and 6 days confined to a hospital. He is doing okay and at home resting. But I know the next couple of months will be tough with him out of work and all. If you would please keep my dad and family in your good thoughts and prayers.

A huge thank you to the girls who kept TVP going while I was gone. They are the best! No idea how I got lucky to have three great friends like these girls.

Stay tuned and keeping checking into TVP. New posts every day! :)


melifaif said...

Oh no!!!!!!! So sorry to have read this...or really - for that to have happened!!! I broke my ankle while you were away too, but your pops is much worse off. Prayers for you all.

Love, meli

p.s. I love the fact that my verification owrd is: melivati....ha!!!

A Cajun Belle said...

Oh no!! I'm sorry about your dad. Keeping y'all in my prayers!

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