Travel Guest Post- Pt. 2

Hello TVP readers! Rhonda from Belle in Bows, again! 
I am back today to guest post for S again. Since I have the travel bug I thought I would do my two posts both on travel. Yesterday I shared some of my travel tips, if you missed that post be sure to check it out.

While S is lucky enough to be in Portugal, I know a lot of people are thinking a vacation is out of the question. Sometimes, when I think about vacationing and traveling, my mind goes directly to exotic countries. A lot of times I forget all about the places to travel that are right here in the United States.
Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite places or places I would love to visit.

1. San Juan Islands
How beautiful is this? 
You can reach these islands by ferry from Washington. I have always heard how breathtaking the view is from the water. There are so many things to do. You can hike, kayak, or go boating. However, if I were to make it to the islands of San Juan I would want to go whale watching. 
It would seriously make my life to see this! 

2. Philadelphia

Okay, Okay! This has to be one of my favorite places to visit. There is so much going on and so much to do. If you are a history buff you will love Philly. If you are a sports fanatic, you will love Philly. (Go Phils, oi oi) If you are a foodie, you will love Philly. 
If you make it to Philadelphia I suggest you make it a point to check out
Museum of Art
Liberty Bell Center
Independence Hall
& most importantly... Citizens Bank Park to catch the Phillies in action. 

3. Florida Keys
I included a picture of the bridge, because one of my favorite things to do is, take a drive through all of the Keys. Destination being Key West, but I love stopping in Marathon and other Keys along  the way. 
The drive is so beautiful and so relaxing. Put the top down. Roll down the windows. Crank up your beach music and prepare yourself for relaxation and fun! 
When we are in Key West we always eat very good, have delicious drinks with fresh squeezed juice, and snorkel the days away. G (the boyfriend) and I always head to our favorite dessert place in Key West...
Trust me, check it out! 

4. Texas
Believe it or not, I have never been to Texas. If you read my blog then you know I am a HUGE Friday Night Light's fan. Now I know, that is just a portrayal of small town Texas. There is just so much to see and do in Texas. Be it the city or small town America. If you are from Texas or have visited, please tell me where I should start. It just seems so big I don't want to miss anything! 

5. Charleston, South Carolina

I saved the best for last. Charleston has to be my absolute favorite place in America.
I consider myself to be extremely lucky that I grew up a mere 2 hours away from Charleston. I was able to visit anytime that I wanted. I fell in love with Charleston as a little girl. To this day I love surrounding myself with everything Charleston has to offer. 
I love to walk around and just admire and photograph the houses I would love to live in one day. 
I love the shopping in Charleston.
I love the cobblestone streets.
I love eating. Especially the good ol' southern restaurants.
I love the sweet tea.
I love going down to the Battery and having a picnic with the one I love.
If you have never been to Charleston, you need to go. Seriously. Exit off this page and organize a trip. It will change your life.

Where are your favorite places to visit in America?


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