"The Miracle Mascara"

Happy First day of September!
Can you believe it? It is already September. Phew… the summer just flew by this year. I love fall, it is actually one of my favorite seasons. From a girl who grew up in Boston, I definitely miss the snow and cold temps, while living here in the Carolinas. So, I welcome fall and its gorgeous colors, coffee drinks and cardigans :)

If you have not been on twitter or you don't follow me on twitter, by the way, shame on you. ;)

You will have noticed that many of my tweet friends are trying to find t he best mascara while on a budget. I basically preached and raved about the Cover Girl Lash Blast Masacara. It is a miravle tube for your eye lashes. At $6.39 a tube that does wonders for your lashes, you really can't beat it. It lengthens, volumizes and stays on! Its fantastic!

This is what my eye lashes looked like with the mascara on: Note- no curler was neede just 2 swipes of this bad boy and it was on :)

See the volume and length?! Its amazing!

This tube has it and I give it an A+.


I'maNolaGirl said...

I'm in the market for some new mascara, so this post is great! I hope you're doing well. I've been running around like crazy this week. I don't things will slow down until we've moved and are settled in NOLA. I'll try to stop by more often!

penny lane designs said...

Your lashes almost look fake they are so gorgeous! I actually went out and bought this mascara because of this post and I LOVE it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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