The List

The list ? What is this list you speak of? Well, the list is actually my "bucket list" that I began when I was 15. I don't know if it was created out of shear boredom or there was no 21 jump street on TV. Who Knows? What I do know is that it has reached 45 items and only 2 have been completed. This is lame and I am pretty pathetic for not even tacking this thing like I should have/be. So reaching the mere oage of gasp 30, God my heart sinks when I think of turning 30. Anyways, I want to tackle this list with more agression and completion.

So, I have decided that after much suggestion, shoving and encopuragement from my parents and friends. I will begin to tackel the list.

Here are some items I want to get done:

Sing kareoke while sober

Race up to to the Seattle Space needle

Take a year of my life and travel the world.

Engulf myself in another culture.

Take a painting class

Have self portraits made of myself by age 30

Go to a DC protest ( I think this was more of during the Bush era) lol

Go to the NYC Met Opera

Stay at the Plaza Hotel in NYC for one night

Hit a baseball at Fenway Park

Work at Chic Fil A for one day

Volunteer at a retirement home

Go to Bali and take a vow of silence for one day

Become a cool person's personal assistant for 1 week

So, I am telling my parents about my list and their response: " Go for it and just do it" Me: Uh?! I can't do these I am now 30 and no time. I have a great career and all. Too much time has passed.

So, here you go folks.. After a weekend of praying, thinking and drinking long and hard I have decided to just do it. I hope you will join me on this journey. Should be interesting and mainly entertaining to say the least. But definitely a ride worth riding.

Oh, and the "Cool Person" I want to be their 1 week PA is Aziz Ansari. It's really the only person I can relate to. Lover of Chic Fil A, Foodie, humorous, grew up in South Carolina ( as I have) etc… Plus, I admire him, he is a wonderful person. Starting a new blog for this grassroots campaign to get me to be his PA for 1 week. - Will Work For Aziz.

Who's with me?


AtlYankeeBelle said...

why not try and do the 101 in 1001 project. Its a lot like a bucket list. Here is the one that inspired me :

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